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Can Blockchain Cut Foreign Exchange Transaction Time?

Ever since 2009 when Bitcoin surfaced as an alternative to fiat currency, the era of digital financial revolution swirled. With the rise of Bitcoin, we also got to know about Blockchain, a platform that aids the exchange of money in the virtual world. Blockchain allows easy and quick exchange of money. This is a digital…

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How Blockchain Can Be Used In Regulatory Reporting & How It Works?

The blockchain is currently one of the hottest topics in financial services and capital markets. The technology has the potential to transform many business processes. This makes the data used in those processes more available, transparent, immediate and secure. It could also strip out large amounts of cost, delay and error handling/rework. How Blockchain Can…

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What is Ethereum and why is it important?

Ethereum is a global computer. It stands for a new model in computing built from the technology and approach basically took the lead in Bitcoin. This digital coin is widely a system for generating a database where the world ledger is shared which tracks Bitcoin balances. Ethereum uses almost the same systems to generate a…