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Blockchain Ledger Vs Ordinary Ledger: A Detailed Comparison

Are blockchain ledger and ordinary ledger the same? No. This is a common error that many people have. In this article, we explore blockchain ledger Vs ordinary ledger and its key differences. We are residing in a modern digital era of sound bites and buzzwords. Most importantly, all system participants can ascertain that every modification…

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Top 5 Effective Use Cases Of Blockchain In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to have an economic impact of $15.6 billion by 2020. Virtual reality is one technology which has stepped aside from the world of technology and entered new realms. It is a cutting edge form of technology which has crossed the barriers and made its way into various industry verticals. Providing…

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Blockchain to help Cannabis Transformation

In Last one year, it is hard o imagine a conversation in the technology without having a mention about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain that forms the heart of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one technology which is paving the way for change in the future. It is also laying the foundation stone for creating…