Today, we will focus on the success story of Nakini Rudra Prasad Das, who holds extensive knowledge in areas such as Oracle database, manual testing, validation, cloud solutions, capital markets, front/ middle/ back-office systems, and functional testing, to name a few. Currently employed as a project lead, he strongly believes in being an achiever in life, which he believes must be achieved by putting in both hard work and smart work. This is because he is of the opinion that there are some situations in life that demand hard work, and some that might demand smart work. Nakini says that the trick lies in identifying them and giving your best.



This sense of achievement is what drives him to keep learning and constantly improving himself. Being a techie himself, he always had this constant urge in himself to learn about new technologies and understand their potential to see how he can benefit from them on a personal level or how he can put it to use from a professional standpoint.


“Being from a technical background, I was always keeping track of the advancements that were taking place in the field of blockchain, and I always knew what blockchain was. But I always felt that I lacked the clarity and in-depth knowledge that is actually required to make a mark in this disruptive and innovative field, which is blockchain technology. This was when I came across Blockchain Council, and I confidently say that my life changed for the better that very instant.”


On the career front, Nakini is currently working on a new project and aims to use the knowledge gained through Blockchain Council to give inputs to understand customer or client needs and provide them innovative and workable solutions that will help elevate the project to the next level.


“The Certified Blockchain Expert training provided me profound knowledge in the fundamentals of blockchain, peer-to-peer networks, blockchain mining, consensus algorithms, blockchain architecture, smart contracts, and use cases of blockchain for today’s context. The awesome explanation of concepts and the prompt response provided by their support team is commendable, and they offer tremendous value for money. Overall, it is an awesome, simple, and professional learning resource.”

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