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Challenges faced in my career before undergoing training: 

Previously, I had a technical overview of the Ethereum Blockchain with regard to its key concepts and working. The knowledge I earned was not sufficient to start or have a communication with another peer on Ethereum.

How this certification helped me to overcome these challenges?

After the Certified Ethereum Expert certification, I gained an in-depth knowledge of how Ethereum exactly functions and I also got a grasp of both the minor and major concepts related to the history of Ethereum. Now I am confident enough to speak in person with anyone about the Ethereum and other Blockchain platforms. I gained tremendous respect from my colleagues.

My major takeaways from the Certified Ethereum Expert Certification:

Thanks to this comprehensive certification with easily readable and understandable modules, I have gained a very advanced understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and its workflows.

How I am currently advancing in my career:

I’m currently having a  successful career in the Blockchain Domain. I will credit all my knowledge and learnings to Blockchain Council’s certification and training program. I am glad that I enrolled for this course as it has made a positive difference in my life and has opened up numerous opportunities and career avenues.

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