Success Story: Matthew Rosen

This story celebrates the success of Matthew Rosen, who made his dream come true of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This story reflects how the right guidance can steer you in the right direction and save you from unwanted hassle.

The person in focus – Matthew Rosen


The Challenge


Matthew Rosen started his career as an equity trader back in 2003. Though he began his career with employment, he always desired to become an entrepreneur. Not only he aspired of having his own company but wanted to be at the top of its domain as well. Therefore, when he founded TraceRX, his dream supply chain company, he wanted to set his company apart from others. He wanted to ensure that TraceRX will be known for its excellent inventory management, tracking and tracing capabilities with instant communication and improved supply flow. But he wondered how he could upscale the traditional supply chain management.


Matthew has heard about Blockchain technology and wanted to explore his options with Blockchain.

The Solution


Blockchain Council came to the rescue. In his own words:


”Blockchain Council team has been very patient with me. They understood my concerns and provided me with a customized Blockchain training.”  


Blockchain Council provided the understanding of the core concepts of Blockchain and then progressed with the supply chain specific applications of Blockchain. Matthew understood how Blockchain eliminates fraud and errors while improving inventory management and how it minimizes courier costs, reduces delays from paperwork, identifies issues faster and finally increases consumer and partner trust. After the training, he felt confident to deploy Blockchain in his supply chain venture TraceRX. His business is flourishing, and he gives the credit to Blockchain Council.

Matthew’s Takeaway from Blockchain Council


Matthew got the necessary guidance regarding the technical aspects of Blockchain technology’s supply chain management application along with an understanding of the core concepts of Blockchain technology.


He got the motivation and assurance to go ahead with his own Blockchain based supply chain business.


The rate at which Matthew is succeeding, the sky is the limit for him.

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