Uniswap establishes a venture capital arm to invest in Web3

Uniswap establishes a venture capital arm to invest in Web3

Globally-acclaimed decentralized exchange platform Uniswap has taken another major step towards its goal by launching Uniswap Labs Ventures (ULV) for its global community. With this project, Uniswap has laid the foundation of a venture capital fund that will focus all its efforts on Web3 firms and related projects. The highly-anticipated launch of the venture capital fund ‘ULV’ will help Uniswap strengthen its position in the fast-developing Web3 tech space and allow the portal to offer necessary support to potential projects in the field.

According to the official announcement, the company will inject investment at any development phase of products pertaining to Web3. The team will focus on multiple realms, including infrastructure, developer tools, and other decentralized applications, as the key area of interest. It has already invested in 11 popular firms and Web3 ventures such as decentralized money market Aave, DAI stablecoin creator MakerDAO, and blockchain bridging solution LayerZero. The team shared the prospects it looked for in projects it was planning to offer funds. Unfortunately, though, it did not disclose any information about the firm’s projects to invest-in in the future.

In his tweet, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams revealed that the ULV fund would participate in the governance of the ventures it is planning to fund. It will govern the working of Aave, Compound Finance, MakerDAO, and Ethereum Name Service. The venture project will be led by Matteo Leibowitz, who has earlier worked as the Strategy Chief for Uniswap. He was the founder and research analyst at The Block. Crypto firms have a surprising craze to expand their operations through venture capital channels. In January, FTX exchange launched a $2 billion fund to invest in Web3 space. In addition, the firm led a $350 million funding round for the NEAR protocol. There has been a rise of 144% in capital flow in the industry between 2020 and 2021, with Decentralized Finance being the most potent option for investment.

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