Solana to Host Alchemy’s blockchain node infrastructure

Solana to Host Alchemy's blockchain node infrastructure

Alchemy, an Ethereum-based node infrastructure provider, revealed on 02 June, 2022 that it will now support the Solana blockchain.

Solana developers will be able to grow their blockchain infrastructure requirements as a result of this development. Alchemy currently provides a node API for Ethereum and Polygon applications.

Alchemy has spent years developing, fine-tuning, and putting to the test a full web3 developer platform. DeFi projects like 0x, Aave, and dYdX, as well as NFT projects like OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Royal, and SuperRare, are all based on Alchemy today. The use of Alchemy in these projects is a common thread, since it has allowed them to create some of the most popular and distinct web3 experiences.

Solana developers may now take advantage of the Alchemy benefit, helping to build and expand their Solana apps more easily and effectively.

According to the Solana Co-Founder, Raj Gokal “We’re ecstatic that Alchemy is now supporting Solana. Developers will have more access to high-quality Solana infrastructure and tooling as a result of their debut.”

Alchemy has invested uncountable hours developing and enhancing platform solutions that can provide developers with stability, scalability, and accuracy – a rare combination of benefits in this market.

Phantom’s Co-Founder and CTO, Francesco Agosti cited “We’re ecstatic that Alchemy has decided to support Solana. Their infrastructure and product package have a track record of improving performance. For Phantom and any other Solana developers that choose to use Alchemy, this will be a game changer.”

Supernode, Alchemy’s node infrastructure, is a combination of custom, scalable, and distributed systems that essentially allow the API to work as a single entity, enabling reliability and scalability while addressing accuracy issues common in peer-to-peer networks; Supernode has the simplicity of a single node, but with infinite and instant scalability and reliability.

Developer involvement, innovation, and productivity on the platform every day is Alchemy’s north star, and one of the main measures of long-term health for the web3 ecosystem.

We are only strengthening the web3 ecosystem and expanding the bounds of what is possible when we work together by integrating the rising number of new and current Solana developers into our community.

Solana is one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchains, with a particularly important position in the NFT and gaming ecosystems, where transaction speed and price are very important.

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