Solana Announced the dApp Store, Google Partnership, and Smartphones at Breakpoint 2022

Solana Announced the dApp Store, Google Partnership, and Smartphones at Breakpoint 2022

Solana Breakpoint conference took place during 4-7 November in four venues featuring ground-breaking announcements. The organization announced the incoming products, including the partnership with the leader in cloud storage solutions, Google.

Solana Breakpoint got an impressive audience, and more than 13000 people attended the event in a single venue. Solana’s plans of going mainstream with web3 ecosystems development are impressive, considering the company is planning to bring a web3 dApp store featuring enormous applications. The plans extend to bringing smartphones that feature this dApp store and allow users to shift to web3 ecosystems swiftly. The partnership with Google Cloud has made it convenient for the entity to develop progressively. Solana co-founder Raj Gokul and Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko were also present in the announcements for smartphones, the dApp store, the Google Cloud partnership, and several others.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Vibhu Norby, the founder, and CEO of Solana Space offered a giveaway to the attendees. He announced to scan the QR codes for participation. He also offered individuals a chance to open their Solana store at the spot of their choice. He said,” Now anyone, anywhere, can build their own Solana Store. If you have a GeoNFT, you can redeem it 1-for-1 with the exclusive rights to open a Solana store in that region.”

GeoNFT is also a part of the announcements and is an intelligent use-case of non-fungible tokenization. Cointelegraph said that Solana has become a mainstream developer with recent announcements and wishes to empower solo entrepreneurs in building their marketplace as per its recent discussion with Co-founders. While announcing their smartphones, the feature of securely storing private crypto wallet keys stayed in the spotlight. The smartphones will be powered by Qualcomm’s Arm-based SoC designed to target better productivity. The Solana App store also empowers crypto-friendly policies, unlike traditional stores that only support fiat currencies. 

These announcements were second to the most significant Google Cloud partnership. Google Cloud is a partner in developing a Solana Validator to allow participation with the network. 

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