F1 NFTs to Debut with 2023 Las Vegas Strip Circuit Grand Prix

F1 NFTs to Debut with 2023 Las Vegas Strip Circuit Grand Prix

All the NFT and crypto fans here is some great news coming your way. Reportedly, Formula One is planning to bring forth NFTs, crypto payments, and digital collectibles before the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. The trademarks and other important documents for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit are anticipated to be part of next year’s league.

For Formula One, there are specific details of NFTs, crypto-related offers, and blockchain-supported payment services. These notes have filing details of ownership of Non-fungible tokens that will include various real-world items such as decoratives, vehicles, clothes, wallets, and even perfume.

Additionally, regarding the filing notes, there is also downloadable software for handling crypto payments using Blockchain technology. This indicates that the support community is now ready for the crypto game.

The Formula One trademark department has been contacted by Cointelegraph to learn more about the file for the Las Vegas Grand Prix and whether the lengthy list of products and services confirms the intention to provide NFT and cryptocurrencies.

Formula One has been playing a vital role in advertising numerous crypto exchanges, DEX, and CEX, in the past. One of the prominent examples is Crypto.com, which has majorly covered the tracks of the F1 race and also the advertisement boards. As previously reported, 8/10 F1 teams have garnered support from people from the bitcoin industry.

After the well-known motorsport organization announced in 2022 that Las Vegas would become the newcomer to the race calendar in 2023, Sin City is all set to welcome its first-ever F1 race.

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