Sega’s Super Game Natural Extension plans to add NFTs

Sega's Super Game Natural Extension plans to add NFTs

Working as a multinational video game and entertainment firm hailing from Japan, Sega is gearing up to take a strategic step involving NFTs within its new ‘Super Game’ initiative. Amid the growing craze for digitalization, Sega has planned to integrate support for cloud technology and Non-Fungible Tokens to enhance the potential of its highly-anticipated Super Game project. In a not-so-surprising state, the recent news has given rise to an online rage led by people who hold a skeptical view towards cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens.

According to the report, Sega is set to launch its Super Game project in the next five years span. The firm is looking forward to working on the development of a diverse range of cross-platform triple-A grade games dedicated solely to satisfying the fans. With an investment of nearly $800 million, the long-awaited initiative will be a big move on Sega’s part aimed at strengthening its hold in the crypto-based gaming sector. The integration of NFTs and cloud computing will play a significant role in creating a seamless link between the wide range of gaming options available on the cluster.

The team hinted toward the inclusion of NFTs and cloud support on the platform during an interview on Sega Japan’s official recruitment site. The interview content was translated into English earlier this week by the gaming news portal ‘Video Games Chronicle’ for the non-Japanese community. Talking about the development, Sega Producer Masayoshi Kikuchi stated that the gaming sector has always had evolved itself to technological changes.

The chief added that platforms like YouTube and Twitch that allow people to enjoy watching their favorite games and players have become quite popular. Kikuchi further emphasized that the inclusion of NFTs and cloud computing is like a natural extension and is inevitable in the future of gaming. The Super Game initiative is designed to connect different games for better accessibility for users.

The use of NFTs by gaming firms has gained considerable momentum in recent years, especially after the mainstream adoption of digital collectibles across the financial space. Gaming firms and renowned players have shown keen interest in NFTs and have collaborated with related projects to amplify their earnings and enhance their connectivity with fans. The sector has witnessed tremendous growth in a short span and is continuously growing exponentially across the globe.

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