Mahindra Announces Metaverse Platform For Their Upcoming XUV400

Mahindra Announces Metaverse Platform For Their Upcoming XUV400

Automotive behemoths are voraciously accelerating towards Web3 and Metaverse. The latest one among the names, Mahindra, has created a new platform called XUV400verse, a Metaverse platform for their all-electric XUV400 that allows customers to explore and interact with the brand’s virtual world in a photorealistic and immersive environment. Powered by, the platform serves as a universe that combines virtual spaces, giving customers an unparalleled customer experience. Customers can explore the XUV400 in a 3D world and interact with the brand’s spaces, products, and services. 

The metaverse platform also allows connecting with other customers and Mahindra staff in a virtual environment. With XUV400verse, Mahindra will be able to provide customers with a unique and interactive customer experience, allowing them to explore the XUV400 innovatively.

According to Mahindra & Mahindra’s President of the Automotive Division, Veejay Nakra, “The XUV400verse will help us to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Young SUV purchasers and enthusiasts are invited to participate in this experience from the convenience of their own homes with their family and friends. With an innovative and immersive experience, we are creating a space that appeals to our future generation of tech-savvy clientele.

Mahindra Announces Metaverse Platform For Their Upcoming XUV400

Customers will be able to engage in experiences like the following through the XUV400verse brand:

Virtual Brand Showroom: The virtual showroom has guided and free-roaming adventures, an LED wall showing multidimensional sound interactive characters (Live and Non-Player Characters – NPCs), and areas with brand-led products and peripherals. It also has a futuristic look.

Create Personal Avatars: Visitors to the XUV400verse may design their own avatars, join them, and invite their family and friends to participate in the experience.

Hyper-realistic 3D automobile configuration: Users may interact with a realistic 3D car configuration tool, allowing in-car customization, color selection, and feature exploration.

Virtual Test Drive: The XUV400verse will also offer a unique and immersive virtual test drive experience, allowing users to explore the SUV and its features from multiple perspectives. Users can look closer at the vehicle and its impressive design with different camera angles. They shall experience an immersive, simulated environment with virtual billboards and cinematic graphics that give the virtual test drive a more realistic feel. Such an unparalleled experience will allow customers to learn the ins and outs of the SUV—all from the comfort of their own homes.

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