From Rapper to Web3 Co-Founder: Snoop Dogg's Latest Venture

From Rapper to Web3 Co-Founder: Snoop Dogg’s Latest Venture

Snoop Dogg, one of the world’s most popular actors and rappers, has been actively associated with different Web3 platforms as a part of the renowned Web3 creator movement since its inception in 2021. Previously, he was in the limelight due to his association with the leading virtual gaming world and NFT marketplace, Sandbox. He was in an influencer partnership with Sandbox, and the partnership brought to life some of the craziest virtual concerts of all time. 

Now, Shiller, another Web3-powered live streaming platform, has revealed that the actor-influencer Snoop Dogg is among the co-founders of the start-up platform. Shiller’s debut is an important component of the wider creative economy movement, in which Web3 will likely have an impact. Users could write HTML & browse material on “Web1.” Still, user-to-user conversations were only possible on “Web2,” popularized through a few social networking oligopolies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. 

By providing content creators complete ownership of their work and the associated remuneration, the “Web3” movement aims to deal with the elimination of these intermediaries. Decentralized messaging platforms are also beginning to increase, with one going by “Damus.” Damus by Jack Dorsey was launched on iOS App Store on February 1. This is based on the “Nostr” decentralized system, allowing for secure end-to-end personal conversations.

From Rapper to Web3 Co-Founder: Snoop Dogg's Latest Venture

Coming back to Snoop Dogg and Shiller, the brand took the news air via Twitter and said, “Get ready for the Web3 live stream revolution! Say goodbye to the middlemen and hello to true creator empowerment with Shiller!” and posted it with a video featuring Snoop Dogg. The post invited Snoop fans and livestream enthusiasts to onboard Shiller. The program’s founder has been revealed to be the singer & tech businessman Sam Jones. The “live stream platform” application seeks to incorporate Web3 technology with in-the-moment live-streaming content.

According to Shiller, the network will use Blockchain extensively, enabling content creators to “token-gate” their stream and advertise nonfungible tokens or other items from e-commerce platforms. These creators may get payments in cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens that may be converted to fiat currency. Per Shiller’s latest announcement on March 2, it was planned for a January launch but has now been postponed until April.

This partnership with the celebrity face follows a set of Snoop Dogg’s Web3 partnerships in the previous year. In April 2022, Snoop Dogg & Sandbox Metaverse worked together to create the “Snoop Avatars” NFT series, and the rapper also released a single viz. “A Hard Working Man” was accompanied by around 50,000-piece tokens for fan purchase.

The rapper-actor also collaborated with Yuga Labs, the force behind CryptoPunks & BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), to perform on a metaverse-based stage during the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony on August 29. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has collaborated with cryptocurrency casino Roobet, where he’ll act as the company’s “Chief Ganjaroo Officer,” as stated in a press statement by Roobet on March 1.

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