Ford plans to enter the Metaverse through Virtual Automobiles and NFTs

Ford plans to enter the Metaverse through Virtual Automobiles and NFTs

Just after a month of rapid staff layoffs, American car manufacturer Ford announced a trademark application geared towards the efforts of the company to build a strong presence in the world of NFTs and the Metaverse.

Mike Kondoudis, who is a licensed attorney from the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), stated in a Tweet dated September 7th that Ford had filed 19 trademark applications aiming to cover the car brands under its banner. These brands include the Lincoln, Mustang, Bronco, Explorer, and a few others.

Ford is willing to make a grand entrance in the Metaverse, as indicated by these applications. The trademark applications filed by the company mostly covered virtual cars, vans, trucks, and clothing to fit its brands. Apart from that, the applications also include a proposed NFT marketplace.

According to USPTO, the car manufacturer is planning to create a host of artworks, audio, and texts, including videos that showcase its cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. These artworks are meant to be easily downloadable and can be authenticated by NFTs.

Ford has also revealed its plans for “downloadable virtual goods” or simply put, “computer programs” that feature clothing, accessories, and vehicle parts. One can use these ‘goods’ in “online virtual worlds,” for example, online trade shows, which usually take place in virtual and augmented realities.

They are also willing to build an online marketplace for promoting “digital artwork of others” on a website. This will take place apart from the online retail store services featuring NFTs and other digital collectibles.

The American car manufacturer’s decision to enter the world of Web3 came less than a month after CEO Jim Farley and Executive Chairman Bill Ford announced massive staff layoffs from its global workforce to save on the company expenditure.

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