FIFA Builds NFT Platform to Boost World Cup Fan Engagement

In the lead-up to this year’s World Cup, FIFA, the main governing organization of professional football, will introduce an NFT platform, bringing a plethora of “cheap, inclusive, and accessible” digital memorabilia to the football-obsessed masses.

The new “FIFA+ Collect,” which will launch later in September, will enable the minting of NFTs that are carbon neutral, the organization claims. It will draw its strength from the powerful Algorand Blockchain. The result will be a global marketplace that captures the essence of the titanic sporting event.

Through its services, soccer fans can collect a wide variety of World Cup-themed collectibles, including priceless moments, artwork, and images from its enormous store of archival materials, in addition to significant accomplishments during this year’s spectacle scheduled to begin in November in Qatar.

The ‘Connect’ portion of its business will debut through the larger FIFA+ platform. A unique football portal made to encourage participation in the sport among fans of different backgrounds. As a result, it makes itself accessible in a wide range of languages across all web and mobile devices to a global audience.

Keep an eye on the FIFA+ Connect Twitter account for the most recent information, as FIFA will release more information about this intriguing new project over the next few weeks.

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