6.4/10 US Parents versed in Blockchain wants Schools to Include Blockchain in Their Curriculum

6.4/10 US Parents versed in Blockchain wants Schools to Include Blockchain in Their Curriculum

In order for pupils to know about the direction of our economy, cryptocurrency should be introduced in schools, according to more than two-thirds of U.S. parents and college grads with knowledge of or engagement in the industry.

According to a recently published survey by the online learning platform Study.com, 64% of parents and 67% of college graduates agreed that cryptocurrency should be covered in school curriculam.

However, there was a difference in opinion between the two groups regarding the Metaverse, the blockchain, and NFTs, with only about 40% of respondents agreeing that these topics should be covered in the curriculum.

Parents and college graduates were inspected to make sure that they had an adequate level of awareness of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Metaverse before they were allowed to participate in the survey. Anyone who did not have this understanding was disqualified from taking part.

The findings coincide with rising interest in and use of cryptocurrencies in the US. Pew Research Center reports that 16% of Americans have either invested in or own cryptocurrencies. Around 88% of U.S. residents have awareness about cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey, parents and college graduates who have invested in cryptocurrencies are likely to make financial contributions to their children’s education.

The study also revealed that both groups thought that understanding our economy’s future was crucial, along with ways to diversify investments, generate opportunities, and cultivate an investing mindset.

Several American universities, like Arizona State University and the University of Connecticut, have began providing undergraduate courses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency uses. The 14-week elective course at her university, as per Connecticut professor Marianne Lewis, is intended to teach students “how to handle cryptocurrencies and how these digital assets effect our economy.”

Elite colleges like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have started to offer such courses.

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