CME Group Presents Micro Bitcoin and Ether Options For Fans

CME Group Presents Micro Bitcoin and Ether Options For Fans

CME Group Presents Micro Bitcoin and Ether Options For Fans

Hailing as one of the biggest and most trusted derivatives marketspaces, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME Group) has taken a significant step to further its growth in the crypto sector. The globally-acclaimed financial entity has unveiled micro-sized Bitcoin and Ether options for the escalating crypto community. With this highly-anticipated launch, the CME Group is looking forward to fueling its expansion plans in the fast-developing industry while opening doors for innovative earning opportunities for crypto fans from across the globe.

According to the report, the firm has decided to provide options on micro BTC and micro ETH futures in its trading ecosystem. The micro Bitcoin futures (MBT) and micro Ether futures (MET) represent 1/10 the original size of one Bitcoin token and one Ether token respectively. Talking about the launch, CME Group’s global chief of equity and FX solutions, Tim McCourt stated that the two newly presented micro-sized options are designed to reap the growth and liquidity perks witnessed by the team post the launch of micro bitcoin and ether futures.

The new crypto options by the Group will provide unprecedented trading privileges to those willing to expand their crypto portfolio easily. They will help institutions and retail investors to make the maximum from the dynamics of the crypto field. The users will enjoy enhanced flexibility and capacity to trade advantageously with the two top-tier cryptocurrency tokens in terms of market capitalization.

The MD and global co-chief of trading at Galaxy Digital Holdings, Robert Bogucki shared that his firm is elated to work as a liquidity provider for the CME’s newly-launched options and other crypto products available on the latter’s core infrastructure. The spearhead explained that with small contract size crypto investors will get access to advanced flexibility in handling their trading experience with the two premier class virtual assets. This will play a significant role in attracting the attention of new investors and pulling them towards the overflowing opportunities in the crypto domain.

The CME Group is a world-class platform that offers a plethora of tools and services for the derivatives market space. The firm came up with its first bitcoin futures product in October 2017 and bitcoin options in November 2019. The ether futures were launched in February 2021 as a response to the constant growth witnessed by the decentralized asset cluster. The micro bitcoin futures were launched in May 2021 while micro ETH futures were unveiled in December 2021 paving the way for further expansion of the firm in the crypto sphere.

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