Capgemini says, Nine out of Ten Consumers are Interested in the Metaverse

The majority of customers are at least interested in learning more about the Metaverse and the potential benefits it might have for their life, according to a survey by consulting firm Capgemini. Many people are already utilizing the idea of the Metaverse, according to the survey, which also looked at consumer and business expectations of immersive experiences.

According to the study “Total Immersion: How Immersive Experiences and the Metaverse Benefit Customer Experience and Operations,” nine out of ten consumers are curious about the Metaverse and the potential benefits it might have for them.

Studies that aim to determine the potential of new investments in the industry are increasingly focusing on the Metaverse. In its most recent analysis, released on December 8, consulting firm Capgemini discovered that businesses and individuals had a large interest in the Metaverse.

Between July and August, 8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations from 12 different countries participated in the report’s research. The research conducted by Capgemini also revealed that while the Metaverse is still mostly under development, several businesses are already utilizing its potential.

This is partly due to customer expectations for how technology would affect them. 77% of customers said they anticipate immersive experiences would change how they connect with brands and other people. Seven out of ten businesses agree that Metaverse will set them apart in terms of their corporate image. Other companies are similarly optimistic about the potential of the Metaverse and forecast that its valuation will soon approach the trillions of dollars.

The research revealed that most firms had plans to integrate the Metaverse soon. Two-thirds of the organizations polled have developed a roadmap for integrating immersive experiences, and 15% of them have plans to create a metaverse presence over the next 12 months. However, most businesses still avoid the Metaverse, as 56% explicitly admit they need a clear adoption strategy.

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