6G is vital in achieving the metaverse vision

6G is vital in achieving the metaverse vision

In order to fully realise its promise, 6G has been searching for the ultimate ubiquitous application. As we increasingly rely on our cell phones to get by outside the home and to combine experiences and services (both real-world and virtual), the concept of the Metaverse may be the killer app. The intrinsic strength of the network and the capacity to fully submerge oneself on a mobile device via the cloud will broaden brand-new service and working possibilities that will force us to rethink the current lack of separation between home and the workplace.

We shall all experience the equivalent of rolling thunder. Virtual and real worlds will collide as a result of 6G. Work and home will always be connected, and we’ll witness a huge variety of various groups moving about and engaging with one another across these two facets of the Metaverse continuously and, hopefully, seamlessly.

Covid-19 has sparked a completely new way of thinking about the universe that better prepares us for the potential Metaverse world in five distinct ways:

  • With broadband, the cloud and mobility, the Metaverse is becoming the new virtual infrastructure for how we operate.
  • In the following 10 years, some jobs will only be performed remotely thanks to the extremely successful hybrid working environments. So it’s going to become less and less typical to relocate for a new career. This gives the concept of the Metaverse more concrete meaning.
  • The choices we make on a daily basis regarding things like the necessity of boarding a plane in order to succeed or extrapolating our own home situation on how others should manage theirs will be vastly different and require more compassion.
  • We will need to go past metaphorical masks as we peel aside physical and virtual layers in order to more fully unveil our genuine selves. As the lines between home and work blur in both real and virtual settings, this also applies to how we handle our staff.

The gadget serves as our personal knowledge hub. Only 15%–20% of people currently have fully ubiquitous connectivity, which makes it possible to use a cell phone as a personal knowledge hub. By 2032, 100% of the population will have access to the personalised knowledge centre because of Verizon’s substantial spectrum holdings. Though still in their infancy, concepts like immersive learning on campuses will be widespread by 2032, allowing students to share knowledge and pick up complex subject matter in almost real time thanks to edge networks. What we observe in a biology professor at ASU today will become standard procedure.

In ten years, these ought to be widely accepted philosophical ideas that support a brand-new metaverse experience for businesses and employees. As we transition to a 5G and 6G economy that is genuinely pervasive, this will lead to a very different use of technology like 6G as well as the types of wireless edge-based services that businesses subscribe to.

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