The World’s First Virtual Esports Stadium’s Maiden Live Event Hosted Through Echo VR

Echo VR

Virtex, a software developer, has unveiled the groundbreaking Virtex Stadium, the world’s first virtual esports event. By leveraging virtual reality technology, the platform allows users to experience the thrill of watching a professional tournament from the comfort of their own homes, regardless of their location.

Virtex and The National Esports Professional Association (NEPA) have teamed up to host a special Echo VR event at the Virtex Stadium this coming weekend. Some of the finest teams in Echo VR esports will battle against one another during the tournament, which will be held on December 17 and 18. Fans can follow their favorite players while watching the esports tournament live in 3D with their friends.

For the first time, users can experience a professional esports event in a full 3D virtual stadium. This event is being hosted by the National Esports Professional Association and features the game Echo VR. The Virtex platform enables a new way to watch esports in real-time together with friends and other fans worldwide.

“For the first time ever, users will have the opportunity to witness an esports event in our virtual stadium with friends and other enthusiasts from across the globe. What makes this really unique is that we are exhibiting the game in real time in full 3D. The tournament is being held at the National Esports Professional Association. They are an esports organization that specializes in Virtual Reality games like Echo VR, which will also be the very first game we are to feature,” stated Christoph Ortlepp, co-founder and COO of Virtex.

The launch of Echo VR marks the beginning of Virtex’s mission to offer “the most unforgettable and distinctive moments in gaming.” Echo VR’s publisher is Meta; therefore, thanks to their cooperation, Virtex can provide the esports experience to the Echo VR community.

“Since they are the dominant VR platform, they are vested in making this experience available to all VR consumers. Although we are debuting on the PC platform, we want to eventually make the experience available on standalone VR devices” voiced Ortlepp.

In addition to focusing on social connectivity, Virtex Stadium has teamed with avatars Ready Player Me developers to enable users to design a full-body 3D avatar that resembles themselves.

Additionally, Virtex asserts that it is essential for the business to establish a safe and welcoming atmosphere in its VR stadium. ToxMod, Modulate’s voice-native moderator software, was thus incorporated by Virtex into the virtual stadium. It will detect and instantly eliminate harmful conduct from the platform.

People unable to physically attend events due to expense, health, or other concerns now have the chance to watch their favorite esports games in virtual reality. Fans from all over the world may watch their favorite live events with their loved ones.

Ortlepp discussed their challenges while creating something that had never been done before. He and his team had to create a variety of new technology and determine the user experience from the beginning, which they did by consulting with people from all aspects of the esports community, such as publishers, leagues, teams, players, and fans.

The virtual esports stadium is only available for closed beta testing on compatible Oculus PC-VR headsets. Interested users can learn more about this virtual experience and how to become a beta tester by visiting the Virtex website.

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