This Lunar New Year, McDonald’s plans to Enter the Metaverse

McDonald's plans to Enter the Metaverse

For a Lunar New Year promotion, McDonald’s has partnered with well-known digital content creator Karen X Cheng. Cheng frequently creates extremely popular art online using cutting-edge technologies like AI and AR.

Built on Cheng’s fond memories of the event from his adolescence, the 30-second commercial features a QR code call-to-action that links viewers to other campaign parts. NERF technology is now being used for advertising as marketers rely heavily on AI.

According to Elizabeth Campbell, senior director of the cultural engagement model at McDonald’s, the fast food corporation wants to honor the occasion and give back to Asian American or Pacific Islander communities through the “tech-forward” initiative.

Numerous different Metaverse scenarios were available at McDonald’s. This year, McDonald’s developed several global metaverse experiences for the Lunar New Year. With the help of augmented and virtual reality, users learn about various interests, notably 3D animation. Cooking contests, virtual reality zoos, and even classic Chinese games, including Mahjong and Weiqi, are enjoyable.

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Additionally, McDonald’s developed a 3D avatar that consumers could personalize and use to travel the globe. Through in-app chat, users can also send friends photographs and texts. Instead of simply going to a McDonald’s website, visitors can access the metaverse directly.

Entrepreneur and internet storyteller Karen X Cheng is. She has supported efforts in a variety of fields, notably technology and media. In addition, she founded the interactive experiences-focused business Karen X Inc.

Karen X Cheng is working with McDonald’s to produce a fun and imaginative metaverse Lunar New Year party. McDonald‘s wants to expand the opportunity for people to interact online with family and friends during Christmas, potentially leading to continued interactions.

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