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Career Opportunities and Benefits of Becoming a Three.js developer

Have you ever imagined the key technology behind these games and graphics running smoothly on a web browser? CSS and HTML alone cannot make it possible to run these games and graphics with 3D rendering on a browser. A web graphics library (Web GL) was used to perform this task. It is a JavaScript API that allows developers to render two-dimensional objects, three-dimensional objects, and graphics on a web browser. The web graphics library API allows viewers to experience content on web pages in an interactive manner that uses GPU acceleration. It eliminates the requirement of installing or downloading plugins to allow interactive content on a web browser. From a developer’s point of view, a web graphics library offers low-level access to hardware with the code structure of an open graphics library ES.


You might have heard about the popular browser that was once mainstream, Mozilla. Though it has become outdated nowadays, you would be surprised to know that the Mozilla organization created the first web graphics library. However, with many benefits, the web graphics library also had some drawbacks, and to overcome these drawbacks, Three.js was developed. The Web graphics library is a low-level system capable of drawing only basic objects like lines, points, and squares. If you wish to create anything meaningful, the web graphics library was not capable enough and required a bit of coding that can be a tough nut to crack. Three.js was a perfect solution to overcome these challenges as it eliminates the requirement of codes to render 2D and 3D objects on a web browser. Since these graphics and games are now transforming to metaverse from web browsers, the requirement of Three.js has become more essential than ever. If you are planning to build a career in Web3 game development, you must get a complete understanding of Three.js.

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What is Three.js?

Three.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library primarily used to animate and create 3D graphics to display in any web browser. It is a specific single JavaScript API that contains features like scenes, effects, lights, cameras, materials, sky, shades, meshes, 3D objects, and animations. Three.js uses a web graphics library which is also a JavaScript API that is used primarily for interactive 2D and 3D graphics rendering in web browsers without requiring any plugin. It allows the browser to render 3D animations smoothly. Since it is a cross Browser JavaScript library, it also leverages multi-dimensional object rendering. Ricardo Cabella released it in April 2010, one year after the code ported to JavaScript was first developed in action script.

Why is Three.js used in developing metaverse?

With the rise in the popularity of the metaverse, there has been a surge in the requirement for three.js developers. since it is the basic component required to render 3D and 2D components on a web browser that could be opened on a smartphone or any device to enter the metaverse. The whole concept of the metaverse is built on offering immersive experiences with the help of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other key technologies. It has become vital for metaverse development as it eliminates the requirement of hectic codes and performs the job simply and smoothly with many variations available for deployment.

Benefits of becoming a Three.js developer

Metaverse is one of the most rapidly growing web3 technologies, with an estimated market capital of 759.6 billion by 2026. Companies like Coca-Cola, Porsche, Nike, and Adidas are stepping into the metaverse, considering the immense potential and global reach offered by the metaverse. It shows that a career in metaverse development can offer job stability, but you might not get in the conventional IT industry. Though the global economy is slowing down, web3 technologies like metaverse, blockchain, and NFT sustain the slowdown and have shown stability.

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Key Elements of Three.js

Key Elements of Three.js


Three.js allows you to create a realistic face skin tone by using the filter ‘ShaderSkin.’ You can also create your shader as an alternative to the filter.


Scenes help set what is to be rendered and where it is to be rendered. It is your workplace where you place lights, objects, and cameras. You can also remove and add objects at runtime. Apart from that, during post-processing, you can add filters or picture effects that can be applied to the whole scene without requiring additional coding.


Orthographic and perspective; controllers: FPS, path, and trackball are only a few of many elements you can set up with Three.js to render. It offers a choice to combine different skin shader effects. The Three.js library offers two cameras, namely orthographic and perspective. You can also apply abstract base class filters for both orthographic and perspective cameras.


Three.js has an animation system that allows you to animate different properties of your models, including forward kinematics, armatures, inverse kinematics, keyframe,
and morphing.


Mesh refers to the skeleton that works as a basic structure to design 3D objects. For instance, a mesh required to create a polygon model has three parts: edges, vertices, and faces. Canvas renderer, SVG renderer, and API design can transform a mesh into an effect to display an outline around that mash.

Render performance monitoring

It functions to collect data from the Three.js renderer and presents it live to track the performance of web graphic library rendering. It has benefits like identification of presentation issues at the time of development and is released under an MIT license with being available on GitHub.

These basic and important elements of Three.js make it essential for metaverse development. Apart from these three, there are several other crucial elements of Three.js, including lights, scaling, render, and materials.


The global economy is slowing down, and as a result, the IT industry is facing mass layoffs from top global organizations to small-scale businesses. Metaverse industry and other web3 technologies have not shown any such scenario. That being said, metaverse and NFT are constantly growing, resulting in a surge in requirements for Three.js developers worldwide.
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