Certified Uniswap Expert™ – Exam

A Certified Uniswap Expert is a skilled professional who understands the fundamental elements of decentralized finance and holds an in-depth understanding of Uniswap exchange. This certification is designed for learning and understanding Uniswap from fundamental perspectives and thereby building a foundation of knowledge in this niche.   This certification will make sure that you benefit from gaining in-depth awareness of how Uniswap works, and how to use this knowledge to make efficient trades on the Uniswap platform while understanding the risks of trading on Uniswap. This comprehensive exam-based certification will give you an elaborate understanding of Uniswap, so that you can make informed choices at your professional front.


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Modules Included

  • Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain
  • How Ethereum Works?
  • Ethereum Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Solidity Overview
  • Tokens on Ethereum
  • What is Decentralized Exchange
  • Advantages of DEX
  • What are Token Swaps?
  • What is Uniswap?
  • Uniswap Dominance Force Since 2018
  • Graphic Representation of Uniswap Ecosystem
  • What Gives Uniswap Value?
  • Why is Uniswap so popular?
  • Is Uniswap Safe?
  • Uniswap Working Overview
  • How Token price is determined?
  • What is Impermanent Losses?
  • Arbitrage in Uniswap
  • How to make your first trade on Uniswap?
  • How to list a DeFi Token on Uniswap?
  • How to remove liquidity from Uniswap?
  • How does Uniswap Maker Money?
  • The Uniswap(UNI) Token
  • Uniswap Wallets
  • Uniswap Staking
  • History of Sushiswap
  • Sushiswap: A Fork of Uniswap