Certified Solidity Developer™ – Exam

A solidity developer is one who uses the object-oriented Solidity language to build and deploy smart contracts and ethereum based applications. Solidity is the native language of ethereum which gives enterprises the complete advantage of launching projects on the ethereum blockchain platform. This exclusive exam-based certification offers a comprehensive curriculum put together by industry experts. You will be equipped with the knowledge of creating unlimited smart contracts using the Solidity programming language. It provides the perfect knowledge required to solve real-world problems.


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Modules Included

  • Introduction to Certified Solidity Developer™
    • What is Blockchain?
    • Why is Blockchain a Distributed, P2P network?
    • Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
    • Blockchain Mining
    • Types of Mining
    • Who are Miners?
    • Ethereum Overview
    • Ethereum Clients
    • ERC-20 Overview
    • Ethereum Test Networks
    • Ethereum Virtual Machine
    • Integrated Development Environment
    • Local Test node with RPC Interface
    • Command Line-based development tools
    • Code Analyzers
    • Browsers
    • Introduction to Solidity
    • Solidity – Beginners to Intermediate
    • Units in Ethereum
    • Exception handling
    • Exception handling
    • Introduction to Smart Contracts
    • Tools and Deployment on Testnet
    • Introduction to the Project
    • Setting up the Project
    • Creating ERC-20 Token Part 1
    • Creating ERC-20 Token Part 2
    • Developing Smart contract for dApp
    • Writing deployment Scripts
    • Issue Rewards and Wrapping
    • The exam will be conducted for a total of 100 marks
    • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam
    • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day
    • The maximum number of retakes will be three
    • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam

    Top Job Roles

    A Certified Solidity Developer™ is a