Certified Polkadot Expert – Exam

This certification focuses on helping you study and comprehend the Polkadot ecosystem, making sure that you grasp a stronger insight into how Polkadot works, how you can use it effectively to build great applications, and much more. The certification further helps in understanding how Polkadot simplifies cross-chain communication and offers interoperability by bringing multiple blockchains into one network.  This is an exam-based certification, which will provide you with the much-needed skill-set required to build and excel in the world of Polkadot. In addition, this certification extensively covers the working mechanism of Polkadot along with its architecture and staking process in detail, which becomes a perfect choice for anyone who wants to gradually increase their knowledge from a basic understanding to a more advanced one, as a result benefitting their career prospects and jobs reachability.
    • Learn how Polkadot works
    • Know what it means to be a Polkadot expert
    • Understand Polkadot architecture and staking process
    • Learn how to participate in Polkadot and how to buy DOT


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Modules Included

  • Blockchain Overview
  • Blockchain Functional layers
  • Fundamentals of Consensus Algorithm
  • Various Consensus in Blockchain
  • Types of Blockchains and Popular Blockchain Technologies
  • Introduction to Polkadot
  • Components of Polkadot
  • Staking in Polkadot
  • Substrate Overview
  • Polkadot Host
  • Slashing
  • Treasury
  • Proxy Account and Proxy Types
  • DOT Overview
  • Major Functions of DOT
  • Participation in Polkadot
  • How to Buy Polkadot?
  • How To Choose a Polkadot Wallet?
  • Polkadot Wallets to Store Your DOT Coins
  • Polkadot ATMs
  • Acala
  • Phala Network
  • Moonbeam
  • Darwinia Network
  • PolkaFoundry
  • Polkadot vs Eth 2.0
  • Polkadot vs Kusama
  • Additional Information: Kusama Auctions
  • Polkadot vs Cosmos
  • Other Comparisons: Eth 1.x and Binance Smart Chain
  • Polkadot Vs Other Blockchain Protocols
  • Thorchain
  • IDEX
  • bXZ
  • There will be an online training followed by a multiple-choice exam of 100 marks
  • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam
  • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day
  • You can take the exam no more than 3 times
  • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam

Top Job Roles

A Certified Polkadot Expert™ is a distinguished professional who has earned a certification validating their exceptional expertise in Polkadot blockchain technology and its applications. These experts possess profound knowledge and insights into Polkadot’s underlying technology, interoperability features, and decentralized applications (dApps). They have acquired specialized skills and practical experience in developing solutions on the Polkadot platform, implementing cross-chain communication, and architecting secure and scalable Polkadot networks. Certified Polkadot Experts™ demonstrate a deep understanding of Polkadot’s governance mechanisms, parachains, and relay chains, making them proficient in designing, coding, and deploying decentralized applications on the Polkadot blockchain.

The Certified Polkadot Expert™ certification is specifically designed for blockchain experts, developers, architects, consultants, smart contract developers, Polkadot consultants, and professionals who want to specialize in Polkadot blockchain technology. Whether you are a coding professional or a non-coding professional with a strong interest in Polkadot, enrolling in the Certified Polkadot Expert™ certification program will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and industry recognition necessary to excel in Polkadot blockchain technology and its applications. This certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities in Polkadot development, consulting, smart contract development, and the design and implementation of decentralized applications on the Polkadot platform.

A Certified Polkadot Expert™ is equipped with the skills and knowledge to undertake a wide range of tasks and responsibilities within the Polkadot blockchain domain. By leveraging their expertise in Polkadot’s technology, interoperability, and cross-chain communication, Certified Polkadot Experts™ play a pivotal role in designing and coding decentralized applications, implementing secure smart contracts, and optimizing the performance and scalability of dApps on the Polkadot platform. They contribute to the growth and innovation of the Polkadot ecosystem, provide consultation and guidance on Polkadot-based projects, and ensure the integrity, security, and interoperability of Polkadot networks. Whether it’s developing Polkadot solutions, coding smart contracts, integrating with external chains, or optimizing dApp performance, these experts are at the forefront of Polkadot blockchain technology and driving the adoption of Polkadot in various industries.

  • Blockchain Council Certification
  • Lifetime access to expert resources
  • 24*7 Support for all your queries

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