Ethereum: How to Get Ethereum Certifications?


If you are looking for a career in the blockchain domain, it is essential to dig dipper into a concept of Blockchain. Are you one of those who want to be Ethereum certified? If your answer is yes, the article will guide you in knowing how you can get Ethereum certificates and build Smart Contracts.

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  • What is Blockchain Technology? 
  • Definition of Ethereum 
  • What are Smart Contracts? 
  • Understanding DAO
  • Are Ethereum and Bitcoin Similar?
  • Best Ethereum Certifications Courses 
  • Why go with Blockchain Council?
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The article below provides a guideline about how to start with Ethereum and the skills and knowledge required to acquire certifications in this niche. By the end, you will get the fundamental knowledge about Ethereum.

What is Blockchain Technology? 

To become a blockchain developer or an Ethereum certified professional, it is vital to understand what actually a blockchain technology is.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that uses encryption to secure digital transactions stored in blocks. The stored digital information is distributed but has no central authority to govern, ensuring information is transparent yet secured.


Definition of Ethereum 


Moving on to what Ethereum is all about, Ethereum is a decentralized platform, Proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and launched in 2015, built on blockchain technology that offers an open platform where one can write codes and run applications that are accessible globally. Ethereum is a decentralized approach that means no one controls it. Moreover, it allows any centralized services to be decentralized just by using the Ethereum platform. We can say, Ethereum Expert is one who is capable of designing and developing decentralized applications and protocols.

What are Smart Contracts? 


Ethereum is taking blockchain technology to the whole next level, and the smart contract functionality of Ethereum makes it exceptional. It is essential to understand what smart contracts are if you want to take your career in this direction.


Programs that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine are known as smart contracts that enable users to run scripts that can be written using any programming language, the most popular being solidity, based on C++, Python, Javascript and Vyper based on programming language Python.


Understanding DAO


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) is a decentralized organization that can have one or more smart contracts that can be run by writing a program deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. DAO eliminates the need for third-party involvement as it is owned globally by every token holder.

Are Ethereum and Bitcoin Similar?  


If you are looking master Ethereum, it is essential to understand that bitcoin and Ethereum are completely different. Though Bitcoin and Ethereum both are based on blockchain technology, the technical aspects differ in terms of capability and purpose. Bitcoin was built to facilitate instant payments, while Ethereum offers tools to the developer for building decentralized applications. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, while Ethereum is a whole network that has its own browser, coding, and transaction system.

Best Ethereum Certifications Courses 


Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be the best Ethereum Expert? There are three categories under Ethereum Certifications.

Certified Ethereum Expert

The course focusses on the core concepts of Ethereum Blockchain, where a learner can develop decentralized applications and protocols, opening opportunities to give a bright start to your career.

The certification benefits include understanding the whole Ethereum ecosystem and developing real-time applications as per the need. Moreover, with acquired knowledge, the course will guide in building your own Ethereum Enterprise as well.


Certified Solidity Developer


This exam-based certification course will offer comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of developing smart contracts through solidity. The course will let you prove your solidity skills with acquired knowledge. Also, you will be able to build your own Ethereum Enterprise at the end of the training sessions.


Certified Smart Contract Developer


If you are curious to become a smart contract developer to give your career a good start, you have landed at the right page. Our exam-based certification course offers an exhaustive training on how to build smart contracts over any blockchain platform. The best part of the course is anyone can go with this certification course as it does not require any prior knowledge of Ethereum Blockchain. It is as simple as that.


Why go with Blockchain Council?


Blockchain Council offers the best courses on Blockchain Technology in the industry and creates an environment and raises awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society by educating them in the Blockchain space. Right from teaching how blockchain technology works to building your own Ethereum Enterprise, these comprehensive courses are meant for one and all.



If you want to be an Ethereum developer, it is essential to dig a little deeper into its frameworks and tools as well. Ethereum can be seen as developing technologies in the blockchain sector, serving a broad range of industries including banking, healthcare, asset management, and many more. To name a few, Augur, Alice, Weifund, and Provenance are the successful apps that are developed on the Ethereum platform. The multi-functionality of Ethereum and the adoption of blockchain technology shows that Ethereum will revolutionalize its services to all industries. 


Want to get started using Ethereum? For more information about Ethereum certifications and to enrol in online Ethereum certifications and become an Ethereum expert, check out Blockchain Council.


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