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The Order of Courses To Understand Blockchain Better

We have been receiving many queries in which order we must take the courses to understand the Blockchain better. Below is the order which might help you understanding everything from scratch.

Blockchain Fundamentals & Technology Basics.

First, you need to grasp the fundaments of the Blockchain & some other Blockchain technologies.

  1. Blockchain Basics – A Practical Approach
  2. Learn Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contracts within 1 Hour
  3. Introduction To Hyperledger Fabric
  4. Blockchain Glossary – Learn Blockchain Frequently Used Terms
  5. Blockchain FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions in 1 Hour
  6. Understand Decentralized Autonomous Org (DAO) in Blockchain
  7. Understand Initial Coin Offering ICO in Ethereum Blockchain
  8. Understand Largest Blockchain Attack (Infamous DAO Hacking)


Once you have covered the fundamentals of the Blockchain & also gone through the basics of the Choice of Technologies (Ethereum & Hyperledger here). You can now move ahead to the deploying the Blockchain on the Cloud.

  1. MultiChain – How to Setup Private Blockchain in AWS Cloud
  2. Set up Ethereum Blockchain on Microsoft Azure in 1 Hour
  3. Working With Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain on IBM Bluemix
  4. Set up Ethereum Blockchain on AWS cloud in 1 Hour
  5. Learn BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) by Microsoft Azure


Once you are done with the learning of how to deploy the Blockchains on the cloud, you can now learn how to build your applications. But for Ethereum-based applications, you need to learn the solidity.

  1. [Ethereum] Learn Solidity: Build Decentralized Apps on Ethereum
  2. [MultiChian] Building Blockchain App – Proof-of-existence
  3. [Ethereum] Ethereum Developer: Create a New Cryptocurrency w/ Ethereum
  4. [Ethereum] Ethereum Developer: Build Crowdsale Application in Ethereum
  5. [Ethereum] Ethereum Developer: Build Decentralized Democracy (DAO)

If you are looking for the certifications, please go through:

I hope this makes the whole thing clear.

Good luck with your learning.

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