The Best Tether (USDT) Wallets

Tether is a cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited. It’s blockchain-based and is considered a stablecoin with its equivalent amount of US$1.00 per coin. 

Since it launched, Tether’s popularity only increased, with now over 69 billion tokens in circulation as of 2021. If you’re interested in keeping Tether, you should know the best wallets to use. You can also utilize these wallets to learn how to buy USDT. USDT wallets, apart from being handy, also help in avoiding the market’s volatility..

To help you choose which wallet to use, we’ve compiled the most reliable ones. Here are the top five Tether (USDT) wallets: 


Changelly is one of the simplest and most trustworthy crypto wallets available. It can hold multiple cryptocurrencies, including USDT, making it a great choice if you have or plan to own other cryptos. You can easily exchange your Tether for other tokens and cryptos with Changelly through its neat interface. 

Other key features of the wallet include: 

  • A 24/7 live chat support to accommodate your concerns.
  • Supports credit card or debit card as a payment option for buying Tether tokens and other cryptos. 
  • Low and transparent exchange fees. 


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free and open-source platform for Tether and Ether. It’s available on desktop and has a downloadable app for Android and iOs devices. With MyEtherWallet, you get the address you can use to send or receive Tether and Ether. Unfortunately, if you’re interested in exchanging your USDT tokens, you can’t do it with this wallet..

More key features include: 

  • Supports other major hardware wallets
  • Supports exchange only with USDT, ETH, and BTC
  • Funds in the desktop version are safely stored on the user’s device, not on a remote server


You can use CryptoWallet to buy, sell, and trade Tether and other cryptocurrencies. This is a mobile wallet in partnership with BitGo, which is known for excellent digital asset protection. It has a 2-factor authentication for security. One of its best features is the IBAN that allows users to pay bills and make bank transfers using the wallet. 

More key features include: 

  • A debit card you can use to spend Tether and other cryptos on online stores
  • High-quality 24/7 customer support
  • Built-in exchange for exchanging anywhere, any time

Tether Wallet

Tether wallet is the official mobile wallet for storing USDT funds. It has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, suitable for newbies in Tether and crypto trading. Ever since the wallet’s hacking issue in 2017, the security features of the mobile app have been heightened to prevent the unfortunate event from happening again. 

Other features of the wallet include: 

  • A 2-step authentication process for security measures. 
  • You can swap Tether with other cryptos on the platform. 
  • Solely developed to hold Tether. 


This is a non-custodial web wallet for storing Tether and a limited list of cryptos. You don’t need to download any app to use this wallet. Unfortunately, you can’t exchange Tether with OmniWallet. 

Additional features include: 

  • It’s free to use. 
  • Users can control their own keys. 
  • The platform is hosted on the Omni blockchain that’s developed for USDT support. 


There are various factors to consider when choosing a Tether wallet, such as security, support, and others. Nevertheless, rest assured that the list we provided contains some of the best-proven wallets to keep and manage your Tether tokens. Remember to choose one that matches your preferences and needs.

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