• What is Human Resource?
  • What is Human Resource Management?
  • Scope & Objectives of Human Resource Management.
  • Functions of Human Resource Management.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Human Resource.
  • Importance of Human Resource.
  • Human Resource SWOT Analysis.
  • Human Resource Management Process.
  • What is Blockchain? 
  • How is Blockchain different from traditional technologies? 
  • Benefits of using Blockchain Technology.
  • What are the different Blockchain technologies?
  • Why is it called P2P Network? 
  • Consensus: How conflicts are being resolved?
  • POW vs POS vs Delegated POS 
  • Why is Blockchain Secure? 
  • What is Blockchain Mining? 
  • Blockchain Ecosystem 
  • Working with Blockchain Architecture 
  • What are Smart Contracts? 
  • Problem Statements.
  • Market’s Current Scenario.
  • Fake Market.
  • Implementation.
  • Trust of Security
  • Concept
  • Blockchain’s Impact on Human Resource
  • Transparent Work & Education Histories.
  • International Payroll
  • Enforcing Compliance via Smart Contracts.
  • Transparent Audits.
  • Automating Taxation Process.
  • Paying Independent Contractors.
  • There will be an online training followed by a multiple choice question exam of 100 marks
  • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam
  • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day
  • You can take the exam no more than 3 times
  • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam


  • Deep understanding of Blockchain concepts
  • Understanding aspects of talent acquisition management
  • Overview of the recruitment process
  • In-depth knowledge of using Blockchain in human resource management


  • Blockchain Council Certification
  • Curriculum designed by HR and Blockchain experts
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • 24*7 Support for all your queries


Top job functions

  • HR Professional
  • HR Manager
  • Blockchain Expert
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Manager

What does a Blockchain and HR professional do?

A Blockchain and HR professional is one who uses Blockchain technology to improve each and every aspect of human resource management for an enterprise.

The Growth Curve ahead:

After you successfully complete the Certification, you can have various opportunities in your professional growth. You can be:

  • Consulting Manager- Blockchain
  • Employee On boarding Specialist
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Hiring Manager

What are the domains where Blockchain & HR Professionals work?

  • Human resources
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Banking and finance
  • Education

Some of the HR-specific domains are:

  • Taxation processes
  • Audits
  • Payroll Management
  • Vendor Tracking


On completion of this course, you will be able to help enterprises to set up their own Blockchain for efficient management of human resources.

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