Top-Rated Ethereum Certification Programs for Beginners and Professionals

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the certification courses mentioned in this article will surely help you in revamping your career in the Blockchain space. Are you excited to explore? Let’s get started.  

Table of Contents 

  • Who is an Ethereum Expert?
  • Best Ethereum Certification Courses of 2021 
  • Skill Sets Needed to Become a Successful Ethereum Professional 
  • Concluding Lines

Who is an Ethereum Expert?

An Ethereum Expert is one who develops decentralized applications(dApps) and protocols to improve fault tolerance and for the processing of large chunks of data. They also expertise in offering solutions to developers in developing those dApps.

He is proficient in  Ethereum Blockchains and is also responsible for writing, testing, and deploying secure Solidity smart contracts.

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Best Ethereum Certification Courses of 2021 

In this section, let’s explore some of the most demanding Ethereum certification courses. 

Certified Ethereum Expert 

The Certified Ethereum Expert equips you to develop decentralized applications and protocols for the processing of humongous amounts of data. This module provides:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Ethereum Blockchain   
  • Thorough knowledge of Smart Contracts and dApps
  • Exploration of known Ethereum Blockchain’s use-cases
  • Ability to differentiate between Blockchain according to the requirements.
  • Ability to mitigate Blockchain for businesses and enterprises.
  • Hands-on experience in building Ethereum-based applications. 

The best part about this certification is that anyone can enroll in this online program and gain hands-on experience in Ethereum Blockchain.

Certified Solidity Developer 

A Solidity Developer is one who uses the object-oriented programming language, Solidity to build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications. As the demand for solidity developers is soaring, 

A Certified Solidity Developer Certification is developed with the aim to offer a comprehensive knowledge of smart contract development through Solidity. This course focuses on:

  • Blockchain basics
  • Introduction to Ethereum for beginners and intermediates
  • How to set up solidity operators
  • Solidity control structures, solidity inheritance, 
  • Function calls, Function modifiers
  • Fallback functions, Abstract contract, and much more.
  • Hands-on experience in writing Smart Contract using Solidity development tools.

After successfully passing the exam, you will be a verified ethereum developer.

Certified Smart Contract Developer

A Certified Smart Contract Developer is a skilled professional who understands and knows deeply what Smart Contracts is and how to create them wisely over any Blockchain platform by programming it over Solidity. This certification is open to anyone with no prior or minimal experience in Ethereum Blockchain and is curious to become a top blockchain developer.

This is an exhaustive training & exam-based program that aims to provide proof-of-knowledge of the certificate holder in the development phases of Smart Contract creation. A Smart Contract Developer understands and knows deeply what Smart Contracts are and how to create them wisely over any Blockchain platform by programming it over Solidity programming language. 

At present, this is one of the most demanding certifications as organizations are looking for skilled professionals who can efficiently deploy Smart Contract over different Blockchain Platforms.

Skill Sets Needed to Become a Successful Ethereum Professional 

  • Understanding of basic knowledge of Blockchain 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of peer-to-peer networking
  • Thorough technical exposure to blockchain technologies, especially Ethereum
  • In-depth knowledge of smart contract development 
  • Write and Deploy smart contracts.
  • Hand-on experience in Solidity programming languages 
  • Encryption techniques used in Blockchain ecosystem
  • Deploy smart contracts on both the live and test Ethereum networks

Concluding Lines

This has brought us to the end of the discussion. At present, the demand for Blockchain developers is soaring. If you want to get started as an Ethereum Developer or as an Ethereum Expert, you can get enrolled in a globally renowned online Platform, Blockchain Council, and give wings to your career. 

Backed by the extensive practical-based sessions, Blockchain Council offers online training and certifications to aspiring trainees to render the desired competence to have a successful career in the Blockchain space. Blockchain Council offers the most in-demand certification, specifically in the crypto and blockchain field.
So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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