Top 10 Lucrative Blockchain Games


Blockchain gaming, though still in its nascent stages, holds great promises which will aid in the immense growth of both blockchain technology and the gaming industry. Some of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies were the gamers as they realized the potential benefits of integrating cryptocurrencies into the gaming domain.


How Does Blockchain Help Gamers?


Blockchain, as we know, is a distributed, digital ledger which stores data in the form of blocks over a peer-to-peer network. It benefits gamers in the following ways:


  • Fast and secure payment networks.
  • Aiding developers in monetizing their creations.
  • Decentralized asset exchanges.
  • Ability to verify the scarcity of collectables and virtual objects.


Applying Blockchain in Gaming


The most popular way of applying blockchain in gaming is through non-fungible assets. A non-fungible asset or token is a special type of cryptographic which cannot be interchanged and represents something unique. Non-fungible tokens are digitally scarce assets which have gained popularity following the success of Cryptokitties in 2017. These can be used in decentralized applications and in digital art as they help prove authenticity, provenance, and ownership. Cryptokitties is a very renowned blockchain game which makes use of non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. It is ranked as one of the world’s first blockchain games enable players to purchase, collect, breed and sell virtual cats.


Let us now delve deeper into knowing the top 10 blockchain games which have been launched in recent years and are taking the gaming world by storm.


1. World of Ether


Here, you enter a decentralized world and collect native and powerful creatures known as ‘Etherians.’ You can breed your Etherians, sell them, and battle them for the experience. Gain the ERC-20 tokens in this game, which helps you power up and fuel monsters. With experience, you can level up and breed more dangerous monsters.

2. EOS Knights


This is a role-playing game built on the EOS blockchain. Here, you collect materials, get pets, craft items, and trade them in the market to increase the strength of your knights. You can find 55 materials relating to nature, iron, bone, skin, and mineral. This game lets you craft items with these materials. One can choose from 24 types of pets to adopt. One can sell items in return for EOS tokens.

3. Token Planet


This is a popular Chinese game built on the EOS blockchain. This game lets you experience mysterious space vibes and allows you to explore and develop star resource, thereby helping establish your own business. You can get native tokens by playing which you can use to trade on the decentralized virtual market. Design, construction, game props, and service functions can be decided by the players.


4. Mega Cryptopolis


It is a city-builder strategy game built using the Ethereum blockchain. In this game, you can trade in the open market. This game lets you earn Ether by allowing you to collect taxes every day. In this game, you can acquire your own land, become a district owner, gain influence, and destroy opponents.


5. Flappy Bird


This is an enhanced version of the smash-hit game of January 2014. This is a contest game which allows the player to manually control the flappy bird against a bird which is AI-trained. Once every twelve hours, one free trial is allowed. You can be a top-ranking player and earn TRON/EOS cryptocurrencies. Those who hold the FLB token of the game can earn dividends once in every 12 hours.

6. Neon District


It is an online role-playing game which is supported on Android, Desktop, and iOS. This comprises of a game-centric blockchain provided by the Loom Network. The player records a history of his wins and losses. This game allows you to transfer your assets to the Ethereum mainnet for purchasing and selling items on the peer-to-peer marketplace. Even those who don’t own Ethereum can experience the basic gameplay.

7. TronKingdom


This is a turn-based, multiplayer strategy game. You assume the role of a ruler of a kingdom and fight against four other kingdoms. You decide on every turn by taking advice from the Kingdom’s troops. You can move your troops, help them defend your Kingdom, make them attack other kingdoms, train them to increase levels, and withdraw to regroup. People who lose will lose both their kingdoms and troops.

8. Gods Unchained


This is a trading game which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Here, smart contracts are used to guarantee the ownership of each card. It is a new paradigm of gaming as it is transparent, immutable, and infinitely extensible. Massive prizes are given out by conducting competitive weekly tournaments. It is a fast, multiplayer-driven, turn-based game.


9. EtherKnight


In this game, four knight characters race against each other to reach the goal first and win the pot of gold. The race begins only after at least one player purchases shares of any KnightRacer. For every new item which is activated, there will be a 24-hour countdown. If you are leading as a racer after the countdown, you will share the treasure and everyone will receive their payout.



This is the first guinea pig racing game built on the EOS blockchain. This game features eight guinea pigs, each of which has a special name which originates from crypto culture. The guinea pigs participate in a race every three minutes and the results are revealed immediately. You can win EOS if you make the right choice. Every 24 hours, the revenue from the game is distributed proportionally to the RUN token holders. The winner of each race shouts out a slogan at the end which you can use to create an ad. All those who hold RUN tokens have the right to bid for this ad space.




Blockchain games offer a high level of transparency and security when compared to traditional games. They give a gamer the opportunity and thrill of owning digital items, which are 100% unique. Out of all the blockchains available out there, EOS, Tron, and Ethereum are the three most popular blockchain platforms which are active with games. There are tons of games available out there to explore. What are you waiting for? Dive right into the world of blockchain gaming and explore the numerous multi-faceted games to nurture the child in you.

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