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Top 10 Blockchain Careers You Should Know

The Blockchain is growing technology – Not only has it paved the way for a new era of development, but it has also inspired many startups to venture into this sector. The widespread application of blockchain has made it one of the most talked about technologies and at the same time, many companies and established names in the industry have come up with a separate division that works upon Blockchain integration with mainstream business operations.


If you have basic computer knowledge, acquainted with the programming language and flair to build your career in Blockchain, this is the right time to begin. Here I bring to you ten prospective Blockchain careers that you should be eyeing in the times to come.


Top 10 Blockchain Careers That You Should Be Looking At :


  • Intern If you are new to the world of Blockchain, then you can start as an intern. Many companies and startups are looking for interns who can take up the responsibilities of pilot projects. Their work may include designing and developing distributed ledger technologies like Linux. Since public Blockchain has a lot of apprehensions surrounding it, most of the companies are working on Private Blockchains and hence are seeking projects in this domain. You must be well-versed in NodeJS, go-restful, React, C++, CSS, HTML, Truffle, and Solidity.



  • Blockchain developers There is a huge demand for Blockchain developers. Whether it is government agencies, private setups or even startups, the demand for Blockchain developers is ever increasing. You need to be well-versed with Visual Studio, .NET, AJAX, C++, C, C#, Javascript, JQuery, SOAP, XCOD, XML, HTML, Agile Scrum, MySQL.


  • Blockchain Expert–  A blockchain expert is one who has the skills required to help enterprises design their own blockchain businesses. He is one who is well-versed in different blockchain technologies, blockchain mining, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, and use cases across numerous industry verticals. He needs to analyze the existing blockchain applications and suggest the necessary changes. He must possess strong coding skills.


  • Web Designer– With more and more companies coming up with cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, they would need an interactive website that will have all the information related to blockchain and its usage. A good web-designer with some knowledge on blockchain would be able to create a website which will match the expectation of the company and at the same time create a website that will entail design and information about DLT.


  • Quality Engineer–   He is required to research on blockchain tools and to come up with quality assurance strategies –  He is also required to implement test automation strategies. He needs to hold a degree in engineering or business administration


  • Product Manager Industries such as media, cryptocurrency and banking sectors which are venturing into Blockchain are in need of a product manager who can lead all aspects of designing and Blockchain development across multiple teams. Their work is to ensure that the project is completed on time and delivered in time. Although, one may not require thorough knowledge about Blockchain and programming languages, possessing the basic knowledge will help to keep tabs on the various developments in the fields of product development.


  • Business Analyst He is helpful for all aspects of business. He makes use of data sciences and other analytical tools which can help predict the future course of business. They keep a tab on market trends and recommend the best suggestion to the companies for them to formulate strategies for business growth. Since most of the companies are now implementing blockchain technology, having a business analyst will help them analyze their plan and strategies related to blockchain. They need to have knowledge of data analysis tools and programming languages like Python.
  • Blockchain Engineer– He must have a deep understanding of the company’s technical needs and create apps and solutions that will solve this problem. One must have a fair knowledge of Java, Ripple, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Access management solutions, Oracle, Python, and Solidity.



  • Blockchain Architect He works with the research and development and technology teams in an organization to build and design solutions for leveraging cross-asset frameworks. He writes high calibre codes on a daily basis and builds and designs back-end blockchain functionality for mobile/ online applications. He drives project initiation, scoping, and planning. He acts as a knowledgeable resource for blockchain engineering



  • Cryptocurrency Community Manager It is very important that community managers should promote their company on social media platforms and other platforms where they would answer the questions of customers on behalf of their organization. They should have complete knowledge about Blockchain and how their applications are benefitting customers. It is important that cryptocurrency community managers must have thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and allied products.





Blockchain is a growing industry, and there is a huge demand for skillsets and talent that can meet the demand of the industry. Undoubtedly, blockchain is going to expand its horizons of applications across different fields.

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