PewDiePie Boosts Blockchain Platform With 67% Subscriber Spike

YouTube’s most popular streamer, Sweden’s Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, is already drawing the crowds after being up and running on DLive, the cryptocurrency startup.

The percentage of subscribers has risen to 67% after YouTube superstar Pew Die Pie joined the platform. Though the company is yet to release official numbers, it would be safe to say that a majority of this success is because of the exclusive streaming deal of Mr.Pie. Kjellberg is YouTube’s most successful and biggest creator whose net worth is estimated to be between $30-$50 million.


DLive is the largest live streaming community which is powered by blockchain. It is a platform which is now home to streamers from all areas of content creation, right from gaming to lifestyle vlogging. It is an innovative DApp which is based on the Steem blockchain and it allows users to watch content and reward creators with cryptocurrencies. As it is a decentralized platform, DLive does not take revenue or fees from its creators. The community of DLive determines the content to be surfaced through a flagging and upvoting system.


This move of Pew Die Pie’s partnership will help grow the fledgling platform and will also generate revenue opportunities for Pew Die Pie. Signing a deal with established streamers will be vital to stealing the market share from current players such as Twitch. Pew Die Pie is credited with being the most subscribed creator and with nearly 96 million subscribers on YouTube, his channel has seen the highest growth since the year 2013. According to a statement made by Kjellberg in April this year: “This platform is able to support creators, in terms of revenue share, in a way that is hugely favorable to the creator.”


Twitch is a video platform which allows live streaming which is owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. It is an online service used for streaming digital video broadcasts. It initially focused entirely on video games and has now expanded to include streams which are dedicated to talk shows, artwork creation, music, and occasional TV series.


Kat Peterson who is a member of Kjellberg’s management team commented, “This platform is able to support creators, in terms of revenue share, in a way that is hugely favorable to the creator.”


Even now, DLive will allow its fans to donate to their favorite streamers, similar to the way Twitch currently functions.


Founder and CEO of DLive, Charles Wayn stated:


“I think the lack of transparency and the huge cut that platforms take from content creators, are the two biggest problems the online streaming industry has. And blockchain is the perfect technology to solve both problems.”


The worth of the live streaming business is estimated to be over $10 billion. DLive currently has about 70,000 daily streamers whereas it is an impressive 2.2 million for Twitch. There is still a lot of growth as more than 2 million users have been joining the platform since March. There is still speculation over the amount of cash Kjellberg brings in. According to some estimates, he earns more than $21,000 for one video. We need to wait and see if DLive and its userbase would be able to match these numbers in the future years.

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