List Of Top Startups In Blockchain In India

This technology came into existence in the year 2008 for payment and transaction. However, blockchain industry is now getting the reputation, and the virtual currency interested individuals are hibernating to this platform. In this digital era, a lot of financial corporates have ventured into this technology.

This technology is mainly described as a platform to share and secure ledger. The records of this ledger are in the form of batches – blocks. Further, each unaltered block identifies the previous block and which directly creates an unbroken chain.

The Start-up Blockchain Technology in India


This platform is known as the Bitcoin exchange of India. This is a platform which offers a wallet as well as trading options. This start-up also provides  API to developers to be a part of the money transfer network.


EzyRemit is a platform which is used to build a variety of enterprise products using blockchain as the key. It does the process of cross border remittance and also finds the digital identity to what it belongs.


Hashcove has been the right hand of FinTech firm for the past five years. The organization has built a large number of multiple products with blockchain, uClear and HashDegree.


KrypC is a platform which directly helps the enterprises to bring a blockchain technology for their respective way. The services include custom solutions for businesses and training for the technology. The organization has in fact come up with a new framework for developers which will help to accomplish the task with less time and effort.

Primechain Technologies

Primechain only has one motto, to build better blockchain for a better world and better tomorrow. It consists of three models which include the following– D.A.V.E or Data Authentication and Verification Engine, a private-blockchain powered technology platform. This is mainly for the verification and authentication use.


This platform is a decentralized, corruption free storage facility for digital documents. It mainly keeps records of the blockchain. The main aim of this start-up is to be the alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive.


This technology is of leveraging model. It helps to build APIs for multiple use cases. The services of this platform are document storage, signing, validation, etc.

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