A Quick Guide to Hyperledger Projects

Want to learn about Hyperledger projects? You have landed on the right page. This article provides a comprehensive guide on what is hyperledger and its associated projects.


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Introduction To Hyperledger 


Hyperledger is an open-source global collaboration, that helps in creating and developing enterprise-grade and distributed ledger frameworks to support business transactions and to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, hosted by the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger comes with several free tools and frameworks that allow enterprises and developers to build their blockchain-based solutions. It came into existence in 2015, and now today, it has almost 15 new projects under it, although at present, only four of them are active.


In the article, we will discuss the four active hyperledger projects in detail.


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Top Hyperledger projects You Should Know 


Hyperledger is all about communities of software developers building blockchain frameworks and platforms. Before we go in-depth about its projects, let’s explore what its major goals are.


  • The main aim of Hyperledger is to create an enterprise-grade, open-source, distributed ledger frameworks to improve business transactions.


  • Next is to provide a community-driven, open infrastructure that is supported by technical and business governance. 


  • It aims at educating the crowd about the market opportunity for blockchain technology.



Hyperledger Fabric 


It is a modular, distributed ledger network that offers flexibility, scalability, confidentiality, and resiliency to the developers with the highest quality of applications. It uses general-purpose programming language, which makes this platform completely free from any native tokens, offering a diverse community to help you out.


It offers a scalable and secure platform that supports private transactions and confidential contracts. This architecture allows for solutions developed with Fabric to be adapted for any industry, thus leading to trust, transparency, and accountability for businesses.


It is intended for developing applications by offering a modular architecture. It allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play. Moreover, as it is modular and versatile, it helps in dealing with the broad range of industrial use cases. It works at aiming performance without hampering the transparency.


Hyperledger Sawtooth


Sawtooth is an open-source platform, a blockchain suit for developing, running, and creating new distributed ledgers. Hyperledger Sawtooth’s architecture is believed to a flexible and modular architecture. It separates the core system from the application domain where so smart contracts can specify the business rules without needing to know the underlying design. This project aims at keeping ledgers distributed and making smart contracts safe for enterprise use.


It supports a variety of consensus algorithms, including Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) and Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET).  For unique business needs, Sawtooth’s core design allows applications to choose the transaction rules, permissioning, and consensus algorithms of their own. Also, it offers EVM compatibility along with parallel transactions.


Hyperledger Indy


Like other hyperledger projects, it is also a distributed ledger that comes with reusable components along with several tools and libraries, explicitly designed for identity-based solutions. It is a group of tools, libraries, and further components for digital identities rooted in blockchains.

As it offers an identity-based solution, that means one will have complete control over their identity, and no one can control it. This project is interoperable with other blockchains and also can be used standalone powering the decentralization of identity.


These Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are globally unique and resolvable without requiring any centralized resolution authority. It is correlation-resistant by design and supports Zero-Knowledge Proofs, which proves that all of the data in a set of Claims are valid without revealing any additional information, including the identity of the Prover.


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Hyperledger Iroha


Developers created this project ‘Iroha’ for easy integration into the enterprise environment. It is easy to deploy and maintain, and there’s no additional complexity of the architecture that is hard to comprehend. It offers a lot of library access for developers to use, and these libraries contain scripts and different modules for you to use.


But how this project deals with any type of access? 


Access on the platform depends on the role of the user. Like for example, if your position restricts you from seeing sensitive information, then you can’t see it. The design of this platform is completely modular and pluggable, which means that you can plug in any feature and use it. And also, based on specific commands, you can also query the ledger and separate the results based on that.

It allows an identity management system to help you only with permissioned nodes on the platform.


Its key features include:


  • Simple deployment and maintenance.
  • It offers varieties of libraries for developers.
  • Providesrole-based access control.
  • Assets and identity management.
  • Works on improving reliability, performance, and usability. 




Although Hyperledger has already evolved a lot, it is still developing and maturing enough to attract the attention of businesses interested in building cheaper and simpler blockchain solutions. .While all the projects mentioned above are geared towards industrial use, the selection of the appropriate framework is a matter of choice that varies as per business needs. Each frame has its own features making it more beneficial for one niche while less serviceable for others.


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