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PewDiePie, Streams on Blockchain Via Streaming Platform ‘DLive.’

The intervention of Blockchain technology in different fields has become the talk of the town. Apart from big names in the industry, there are many nations which are also contributing to making Blockchain a part of mainstream technology. We have heard about China, USA, UK and other nations which have created a remarkable impact in…

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What is Vevue Platform and How can you earn money out of it?

Blockchain Technology now needs no introduction. It is one of the most dynamic technologies that is disrupting all the industries in a positive direction. The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that works as a platform for peer-to-peer interaction. You can exchange data and information on this platform and the details get stored in a…

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Brave Browser Adds YouTube Support

The Basic Attention Token platform, which lets users, publishers and advertisers come together to get rid of mediators in the online ad marketplace has expanded its support to YouTube. Users can now set up their Brave browser to automatically pay BAT tokens to their favorite YouTubers by watching them. Let’s take a look at the…