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Tribes Group Web3 Wallet Raises $3.3m in Funding

Tribes, a brand-new Web3-native chat or group wallet system, received $3.3 million in pre-seed funding from Kindred Ventures, South Park Commons, and Script Capital. The financing round for Tribes, according to its founder and CEO Hish Bouabdallah, was completed in October, just before the market-shattering collapse of the central exchange FTX and during a bear…

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EMG Launches Decentralised Telco “Super App,” a Web3 One-Stop Shop Solutions

With the assistance of Emeldi Group, a top developer of e-commerce services for the telecommunications industry, EMG, a Web3 firm, has created a “Supper App.” Emeldi’s business savvy and technical knowledge will help Web3 establish an omnichannel solution that revolutionizes the telecoms sector. What is the Purpose of This Supper App? EMG asserts that Super…