EMG Launches Decentralised Telco “Super App,” a Web3 One-Stop Shop Solutions

supper app

With the assistance of Emeldi Group, a top developer of e-commerce services for the telecommunications industry, EMG, a Web3 firm, has created a “Supper App.” Emeldi’s business savvy and technical knowledge will help Web3 establish an omnichannel solution that revolutionizes the telecoms sector.

What is the Purpose of This Supper App?

EMG asserts that Super App represents the first autonomous Web3-based super app of its type, providing a single location for peer-to-peer transfers, mobile money transfers, e-commerce, video conversations, peer-to-peer transactions, and CRM, or management of customer relationships. In other words, this app allows users to stay in touch with their dear ones, send money quickly, and shop for the newest things.

Additionally, the software provides a simple user interface for initiating media and group discussions and audio and video calls. Additionally, it offers a decentralized platform that is safe for storing and managing digital assets.

This app’s extensive CRM system makes monitoring client interactions with data easy and intriguing. Additionally, the EMG Super App incorporates well-known payment options, including e-wallets or credit cards.

The software, as mentioned earlier, also includes a platform for purchasing and selling other digital assets, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and a rewards program that pays users for using the app and participating in numerous activities.

It would help if you mentioned that an EMG Coin enables the app, which serves as EMG’s exclusive utility token and facilitates app payments.
Learn More About the Partnership Between EMG and Emeldi Group

EMG and its users would then benefit from Emeldi’s telecom skills and knowledge, thanks to its strong presence and success in the telecoms sector. This will set EMG apart from other Web3 start-ups.

  • Each registered user on the EMG Super App will have a special wallet.
  • Each user will be given a minimum number of EMG coins, each worth between 1 and 5 USD.
  • By Q1-Q2 2023, there will be 12 million or more active users.
  • 17 million individuals will be online by the end of 2023.
  • By 2023’s end, You will have downloaded 25 million apps.

Source: IndiaToday.in

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