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Blockchain Brings Social Benefits To Emerging Economies

Developing nations like India have taken up the challenge to adapt to the new inventions that will help them stand equal to other nations of the world. One of this is the adoption of Blockchain technology. The reason why developing companies are focussing so much on Blockchain is that this technology paves the way for…

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Top 5 Projects of Blockchain On The Travel Industry

When blockchains first emerged on the world stage in 2009, very few people could have imagined that they would come to impact nearly all spheres of human activity. But as we’ve seen in the last few years, blockchains hold the promise to modernize everything from finance and banking to supply chains and even media distribution….

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How Can Blockchain Transform The Use of Pharmaceutical Drugs?

The global pharmaceutical industry is responsible for manufacturing medications from the ground up. From the research and development that goes into producing these drugs to the actual manufacturing, distribution, and marketing that goes behind a successful drug. There is no doubt that Pharmaceutical companies are very important for the benefit of all humanity and therefore…