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Nasscom Releases Report on Metaverse, Aims to Track Potential and Path Ahead

Although the phrase “Metaverse” has been around for almost 20 years, the growth of the innovative internet avatar is advanced due to the growth of technologies, customer preparedness, and consumer-led advertising. Significant PE/VC investments and robust M&A agreements of $120 Billion (estimates between Jan. 22 and May 22) have been disclosed for Hl of 2022….

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Metaverse Likely To Create $5T In Value By 2030: McKinsey Report

The development of sub-ecosystems inside the cryptocurrency market, like non-fungible tokens, was negatively impacted by the 2022 down market (NFTs). The Metaverse, a digital environment wherein users engage with other users, including digital virtual items, still has a significant potential for long-term impact. Based on the research, specific technological developments were required for the Metaverse…