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Impact Of Blockchain On Search Marketing

Introduction   Blockchain is one such technology which is already disrupting numerous industries as it enables users across the globe to transact in a secure and transparent environment in a decentralized setup without the need for a middleman. Some of the industries which have embraced blockchain technology are insurance, car sales, voting, real estate, sports…

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Facebook Beefs Up Its Blockchain Efforts With Startup Hires

Last ten years have been remarkable as far as technological growth is concerned. We have seen Blockchain emerge and rise in these years and becoming an integral part of most of the business operations. Last year in May, Facebook announced its inclination towards exploring Blockchain application for the benefit of the company and it also…

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How Can Blockchain Take the Digital Marketing Forward?

It’s no surprise that the digital marketing industry is a massive part of the internet ecosystem that drives traffic and pays for content. In fact, digital marketing is estimated to become a $500 billion industry by 2021, according to a recent study conducted by Forrester. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, are always tracking…