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Turkey to deploy Blockchain-based digital identification for online public services

The Turkish government is embracing the power of Blockchain technology to ensure the security of its online public services. In a groundbreaking move, the E-Devlet portal will soon require users to authenticate their identities using a blockchain-based digital identity system. This will guarantee that only verified users can access the portal’s valuable services, allowing citizens…

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5 Simple Ways in Which Blockchain Can Help the Refugees

  The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has led to much more instability in the middle east, specifically in Syria. The country of Venezuela has also seen a complete breakdown of its governmental and financial apparatus due to the corruption in the ruling regime of President Maduro. Typically, rising…

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How is India Empowering its Economy Using Blockchain?

While India’s attitude towards cryptocurrency has remained mixed, the country has made no efforts to conceal its interest in employing blockchain technology to modernize its bureaucracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hailed blockchain technology as a tool for organizing the agricultural sector in the country which will help farmers earn a fair price for the…