Turkey to deploy Blockchain-based digital identification for online public services

Turkey to deploy Blockchain-based digital identification for online public services

The Turkish government is embracing the power of Blockchain technology to ensure the security of its online public services. In a groundbreaking move, the E-Devlet portal will soon require users to authenticate their identities using a blockchain-based digital identity system. This will guarantee that only verified users can access the portal’s valuable services, allowing citizens to take advantage of the government’s offerings in a safe and secure way.

At the Digital Turkey 2023 event, Vice President of Turkey Fuat Oktay announced a revolutionary new application for e-government efforts: a blockchain-based digital identity that citizens can use to access e-wallet applications. With this new technology, users will be able to store their digital information directly on their mobile phones, making online services more secure and accessible. Oktay was enthusiastic about the potential of Blockchain technology to help the citizens of Turkey access the digital services they need with greater ease and confidence.

Additionally, according to Oktay, the blockchain-based program will revolutionize e-government operations and will make online services better and more convenient to use. Digital information may still be available to users on their portable devices.

The vice president said: “Our residents will be able to access the e-Devlet with a digital identity formed in the blockchain network using the login mechanism that will function within the limit of the e-wallet app.

Since 2019, Turkey has been laying the groundwork for a nationwide Blockchain network, but progress has been slow. Despite a few proof-of-concept initiatives and the successful completion of a central bank digital currency test, tangible results have been sparse. 

Even the city of Konya, famous for its culture, has been struggling to implement its “City Coin” project, which was announced two years ago and is meant to be used to pay for public services. While the country has made strides toward a blockchain-based future, there is still much work to be done before the full potential of the technology is realized.

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