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Everything You Need to Know about Yield Farming

“The amount lent out is paid back with interest when typical loans are sanctioned through banks. The same concept goes with yield farming: lending of bitcoin that would normally be sitting ideally in an account to produce returns,” according to the CFP, AIF, and owner of Hill Wealth Strategies, Daniel R.Hill.    Thus, yield farming…

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Difference Disclosed: ERC20 Vs. ERC721

Ethereum tokens gained popularity in 2016 and 2017 as Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs began to use them to represent ownership or value. However, the main aim of deploying Ethereum tokens was to represent in-game assets in 2017, such as in the popular game CryptoKitties.   One of the most prominent aspects of tokens is their…

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Binance-Owned Trust Wallet Releases Desktop Application For MacOS

Trust Wallet, Binance’s digital currency wallet, has released a desktop application for macOS. This development was announced on 12 August by the Trust Wallet team through a tweet which revealed that the wallet would soon be available in the Mac App Store.   Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange offering a platform for trading more…