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3 Compelling Reasons to Bypass Blockchain and 1 Very Dear Reason Not To

Due to the tremendous advancement in science and technology, concepts such as Bitcoin and Blockchain are getting noticed every day and gaining immense popularity. Blockchain, without a doubt, is going to be the next big thing owing to its capabilities which impact our lives on a personal and professional level. In the simplest of terms,…

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Successful Launch of First Blockchain Shipment From South Korea To The Netherlands

According to a report released on 01 July 2019, the Dutch bank ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam, and Samsung SDS have jointly conducted a Proof-of-Concept shipment from South Korea to the Netherlands. Before deploying blockchain technology, the shipment process was ineffective and paper-heavy. For this, they exclusively tracked a container by using an interoperable blockchain…

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Education Revolution and How Blockchain is helping

Blockchain, the technology behind so many changes is undoubtedly impacting every business niche. From healthcare to supply chain, Blockchain has various uses in different verticals. The education sector is yet another field where we can spot the use of Blockchain. You might be wondering how Blockchain will be useful in the education sector. In this…