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Blockchain Vs. Relational Database: Key Differences

Here we will also give a short glimpse into Blockchain and relational databases, their benefits, comparison, and many other things related to it. In this blog post, let’s explore Blockchain Vs. Relational Database: What’s the difference?  Both blockchains and relational databases are practical tools for collecting information that benefits critical business processes, each technology better…

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The Impact of Google’s Quantum Breakthrough on Blockchain Cryptography

For some time now, tech computing has been on the radar but has also been in the background of the blockchain ecosystem for several reasons. Quantum computing is a new advancement in the field of computing that allows complex problems and equations to be solved exponentially quicker than what is currently available. For several years now,…

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Israel Securities Authority to use the Blockchain Messaging System

The surge of a new era of technological development has given us many benefits. The latest revolution that seems to be tightening its grip in the world is Blockchain Technology. Despite being less than a decade old, it has managed to garner the attention of tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, Amazon and many others…