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Why is Blockchain on the High Seas?

Technology plays a vital role in the evolution of the world. Trading has been the part of global business and economies across the globe. From the ancient time till trade, trading plays a crucial role in establishing the growth of the nation and its economy. Despite being such an integral part, it’s unfortunate that this…

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How Blockchain has changed the world in the past 9 years?

Blockchain, a revolutionary technology that has changed the world and the way business are done. One technology which started off as a heart of cryptocurrency exchange has now broken the glass ceiling being just a podium for a financial transaction to become a multi-functional platform that could trigger innovations in various businesses. Yes, Blockchain to…

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Is Bitcoin a Hoax?

The excitement and hopefulness surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in January 2018 have turned to disappointment and panic as the price of Bitcoin has gone down by over 60%. A Lot of new investors had entered the market and invested in Bitcoin when it was at its peak price at around $20,000. These new investors…