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Ten Serious Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Trading Altcoins in 2022

Altcoins are not the future, they are the present. Despite its high volatility, the total crypto market cap is now around $1.92 trillion. With a capability of rising upto 1,581,942% in a year, altcoins have the power to literally turn rags into riches. While there have been several examples of people who have created a…

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What are altcoins and how do they work?

Those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and are willing to invest in them, it is almost imperative that one must gather some knowledge about Altcoins.  The term Altcoins or Alternative Coins as they are called, is used to define those cryptocurrencies other than the globally popular Bitcoin or CRYPTO:BTC. Their very name…

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Guide to some Crypto Terms

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Altcoins, nodes, etc. are the jargons which have ruled 2017 and let’s admit the fact that we all have heard about them at least once. Whether it’s a peer group discussion or you are in your office, these jargons have become a part of our conversation. But, for many of us, these are…