‘Zero Contact’, a new film by Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins is set to drop on Vuele as an NFT

The two time Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins stars in his new film ‘Zero Contact’ which is set to be tokenized and released on the NFT marketplace named Vuele probably next month. The actor has featured in groundbreaking films like The Silence of the Lambs, The Elephant Man, and his extraordinary previous film, called The Father. 

‘Zero Contact’ is the actor’s latest venture and is produced by Enderby Entertainment, which is an independent film production and finance company. Sir Anthony Hopkins plays a tech titan by the name of Finley Hart and the story revolves around five individuals from all over the globe who share one common thread, which is their fidelity towards him. They collaborate to terminate a clandestine invention by their master, which can either be a tool of salvation or a weapon of global destruction. The film has been produced by Rick Dugdale, who has also produced it.

According to the director himself the film has been shot entirely in an unconventional manner, using Zoom and shooting remotely, which sets it apart. 

As suggested by the director, the film will contain NFT five drops on Vuele which will include the film itself. In order to create different price structures, they will be providing extra material with the film. Dugdale added that the primary reason for launching the film on NFT is to ensure that there is verifiable scarcity in film copies. Also the technology would enable them to ensure protection against piracy issues.

Vuele is a marketplace that distributes film and other related content, where users can use crypto or even fiat currencies to purchase content. Zero Content is supposedly the only project of its kind to be distributed at this point, even though it is ambiguous as to which blockchain is Vuele actually using. Vuel’s website mentioned that the members will have access to a lot of exciting content with the film, along with behind-the-scenes footage, filmobilia etc. 

A growing trend among film and television productions these days is to make use of blockchain technology or even focussing on crypto-centric narratives. For instance, there has been a new reality show which features people using crypto who have been locked out of their digital wallets. The show will focus on experts from this domain helping them to regain control of their accounts. 

From AMM GLobal Productions’ “Crypto Keepers” which focus on NFTs, to the animated show named “Krapopolis” founded by the co creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, which will have its own dedicated NFT marketplace, the trend of using the crypto space for film and entertainment is one that is easily in the rise.

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