The 5 Most Unforgettable NFTs of 2022

The 5 Most Unforgettable NFTs of 2022

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In the digital world, NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” assets that can be bought and sold like any other property without a physical form. Digital tokens are tokenized assets in a digital form representing tangible items. NFTs can represent real-world objects, including artwork and designs. These physical assets can be “tokenized,” resulting in improved trading efficiency and reduced fraud risk. NFTs accelerated adoption in 2022, leading to new job opportunities for individuals with knowledge, expertise, and proficiency in NFT technologies and development. We will discuss how you can prepare for these new career opportunities in Web3 technologies


2022 has brought up alternatives to replace how real and digital worlds interact. As we jump into 2023, it only seems sensible to look back on some of the more noteworthy NFT sales. We are talking about some of the most exclusive NFT sales of 2022 that brought the change as the paradigm shift in the sector. Even months after their respective debuts, the NFT sales created a striking effect that keeps crazy thoughts about the future of Web3 and NFTs in coming years.

Here we’ll be talking about the most popular NFTs, the different types of NFT trends, and many more. So let’s dive in.


What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens that can be non-fungible, remain distinct, and cannot be replicated. Each NFT is special because it has a digital signature that ensures that nobody on the Internet or in the physical world can resell it as fraudulent activity. Assets, such as images, films, and audio files in digital formats, make up NFTs. Artwork, comic books, sports souvenirs, trading cards, games, and more are physical assets that can be converted into NFT and traded on any NFT Marketplace.


5 Most Popular NFTs

NFT House

The year 2022 was an exciting one for Web3 real estate, and no, we are not only referring to all the sales of LAND in the virtual worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox. RoofStock, a Web3 real estate solution, successfully facilitated the first-ever sales of NFT of a building in October 2022.

The purchaser used RoofStock to pay $175,000 for a two-story South Carolina property to cut down on costs and the time typically needed to complete such a deal. Buyer Adam Slipakoff said in a news release by ‘nftnow.’ He could buy a fully title-insured, rent-ready home with just one click instead of waiting months for underwriting, appraisers, title searches, or even the creation of deeds.


Political Pastries with Poisonous Pixels

2022 wasn’t only challenging for Web3, but this year was very difficult for the world outside of this expanding digital cocoon, including the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, causing unimaginable pain to everyone affected by the conflict. In the opinion of artist Walid Raad, these severe humanitarian catastrophes were caused by what he refers to as “toxic leaders.” The artist produced a series of simulated NFT cakes that were poisoned to mock the terrible legacies of rulers like Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mugabe, and others. Such cakes were all part of the Festival of Gratitude series, which contributed a sizeable portion of its earnings to charitable organizations.


Buzz Aldrin's Pen

A pen that seemed ordinary sold for well over $2 million at a Sotheby’s auction on July 2022. It’s because, unlike what it initially appeared to be, it’s not just a broken felt-tip pen. Buzz Aldrin, a legendary astronomer, used this pen to repair the satellite’s damaged fusebox during historic Apollo 11. This NFT Pen is a classic example that reflects that anything with Unique existence, ownership, and rarity can be traded as an NFT. This pen was digitally transformed using the Web3 platform Mira, efficiently producing a one-to-one virtual counterpart for its NFT. The future owner of the pen will now have one less concern. The pen will have to be neutralized beyond recognition for the million-dollar investment to be risked since there isn’t a certificate to lose in the conventional sense.


Let Me Ask my Wife First

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti digitally tokenized their marriage certificate considering their marriage certificate as a historical contribution in the coming years for the LGBTQ community. This NFT of the marriage certificate is tied to the Marital Obligations that are set to update on July 19 every year, the couple’s marriage anniversary day, as of the project’s original release. The NFT’s possessor may receive instructions that don’t necessarily fit their romantic conception of the day. Catherine highlighted the piece’s subtle reverse utility in an earlier interview with ‘nftnow,’ saying, “You can do something for us because you have our work.”



It was a difficult month for the NFT community in May 2022. The NFT and cryptocurrency markets were tumbling, finally settling into the bear market phase that Web3 has since faced. Truth Labs abruptly discontinued the Goblintown collection to boost the NFT community during this tough time.

The ugly little Goblins appeared all over Twitter in a few days. Only a few weeks after the nft project’s initial introduction, OpenSea was inundated by legal derivatives of it thanks to the CCO rights norms. Participants of the NFT group could take advantage of Twitter spaces that were nothing more than several hours of goblin noises and the continual fear of being made to drink goblin piss during initial excitement around Goblintown as the library has accumulated a trading volume in OpenSea of more than 50,000 ETH since its introduction. The Goblintown formula undoubtedly resonated with the NFT group overall.


What's in it For You?

Considering the paradigm shift of global business infrastructure with Web3 technologies, a surge of jobs as NFT experts or developers has been created. Individuals with proficiency in NFT Development and marketing are in high demand among global giants as they plan to move in this digital ecosystem built with Web3 technologies like Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFTs. If you are looking for a career opportunity in trending Web3 domains like NFT and Metaverse, you can become a certified NFT developer to gain credibility as a professional. Certified NFT ExpertTM is a certification that addresses all known aspects of Non-Fungible tokens required to work with top global companies. You can find plenty of these NFT courses online, which would be ideal for learning about NFT principles. Experts bring together this certification from Blockchain Council to offer simpler learning to the community, even for those with little to no prior experience with NFTs. This thorough exam-based certification can validate your skills while giving you ideas about how Non-Fungible Tokens are built, developed, and marketed.


What Else to Expect From NFT Development in 2023?

2022 was a great year for NFTs, considering the worldwide adoption of NFTs as a primary digital asset. NFTs have made it into the Fashion industry, automobiles, ticketing systems, and much more, and experts from analytics and survey agencies are expecting it to boost further in 2023. As per Glassdoor, there has been an increase in the demand for NFT developers globally, and they expect these demands to increase further in 2023.


NFT could be developed using artificial intelligence (AI), although, in 2022, a new trend began to emerge that will continue through 2023: the integration of AI into NFT. This could provide a unique and dynamic view that other technologies can be embodied with NFT. Alethea AI is the first decentralized system to produce artificially intelligent avatars interacting with society. A good example is iNFT “Alice,” which has strong self-learning abilities. It generates New data continuously whenever there is interaction with others.


The next developing trend is NFT music. Musicians and fans can earn money in the sector, despite its general lack of popularity. While allowing for the creation of shortages, NFTs also provide musicians total control and ownership over their results. Without copyright, it will be harder for their work to propagate, and it also offers them ownership of their work.


The current dominant trend within the NFT sector is art. The market is growing, which provides a forum for interaction for artists. The trends and conditions include auction houses and metaverse exhibits. The platforms can help painters exhibit their works in virtual metaverse galleries. As soon as NFT auction houses develop, individuals submit their bids on tokens to acquire sole ownership of NFT. According to experts, the growth of digital art will increase as artists begin to sell their physical works of art in the upcoming years. If you are an artist and wish to develop digital art as NFT, you can go for an NFT Expert Certification to learn how to develop and build digital art from scratch.


The NFT ecosystem will develop at a better pace, assured and backed by resources and funding in 2023, considering the never-ending enthusiasm of developers in the space. With the rise in the adoption of non-fungible tokens, the demand for NFT developers peaked in 2022. You can gain professional expertise with NFT development and work with top global companies with our NFT Expert certification that offers a complete overview and understanding of different concepts and aspects of NFT development.

If you want to keep up with the trends of blockchain industry, join our communities on Discord, Reddit and Telegram.



According to the latest industry news, the most popular NFTs are CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Azuki.


It is difficult to predict with certainty what will be the next big NFTs because the NFT market is highly dynamic and new projects emerge all the time. However, some experts believe that metaverse NFTs, such as digital real estate and virtual items for gaming and streaming platforms, have future growth potential.


The most promising NFT projects in 2023 are CryptoPunks, Meebits, and other projects that are listed on the Top NFT Projects Article by Blockchain Council.


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