Singapore-based company Ojamu, leverages Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to transform Digital Marketing

With the ongoing breakthroughs that are taking place in the world of technology, it is quite evident that we are passing through and heading towards a technological revolution. With technology rapidly transforming the way we conduct our businesses and interact with each other, it is now time to pay attention to the world of Online Marketing through a different perspective. 

The current solutions and methods employed in digital marketing are considered by many to be extremely centralized, the very process of it and hence, they do not always suffice to provide optimum outcomes for the clients. The Singapore-based company named Ojamu decides to tackle this issue and transform the way online marketing is being carried out. They want to implement and apply technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence and NFTs in order to do so. 

Marketing Differently

It is imperative for any business, be it big or small, most definitely to require a strategy for promotion in order to spread word about their product or services to a wider section of the population. Now every business has their own specific ideas and range of products. So most of the time, it becomes somewhat difficult to locate an online marketing service provider. It is not as such that their services are not beneficial or worthwhile. It is just that there is a critical dearth of options when it comes to customisations or even the effectiveness of such customisations. Many of the marketing strategies are similar and they have been tried before and they have failed as well. 

The Singapore-based company, Ojamu recognizes the fact that there is immense potential for exploration in the domain of marketing technology. MarTech, a term which is often used to denote this area of business, is a concept that centers around the idea of using new technologies to create better strategies for marketing. Even though the idea sounds pretty simple on paper, building a successful marketing model can often be a cumbersome process. However, thankfully with the advent of technologies such as blockchain, AI, NFTs etc, the opportunities for exploration are diverse and varied.

Ojamu wants to empower companies and brands through insights gathered from artificial intelligence based applications and in doing so , they would be the first in the world to have taken such a bold step. While using Blockchain, they will be able to provide automated solutions to clients while catering them with the best marketing strategies, and that too, in a decentralized way. What is important to mention over here is that Ojamu possesses a Neural Predictive Engine, which is designed to create custom tailored marketing strategies for clients depending on their taste and needs. 

Ojamu decides to go Cross Chain

Ojamu has set itself apart from the competitors by focussing not only on a particular blockchain but rather have built a cross-chain platform leveraging the leading Blockchains in the world today including Ethereum, Polygon, and Polkadot. This enables the team to access and gather real-time information and data and by employing proprietary Artificial Intelligence tools, they will be able to generate customised strategies for marketing across multiple blockchains. 

The idea of using blockchains, gives the opportunity to explore Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs. Through the NFTs, the customers will be able to access the exclusive AI and other intelligent set of tools which will be available on the platform. This also brings an opportunity for an entirely new use case for Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs which were primarily thought of as collectibles or opportunities for speculative investments, rather than tools that can be used this way.

Being able to access these exclusive Artificial Intelligence tools is going to help the brands in more ways than one can even imagine their search for innovative marketing strategies. The Neural Predictive Engine from Ojamu gathers data from across multiple channels, analyzes them, and then with the help of predictive algorithms, helps to generate feasible strategies for marketing. The clients will receive everything in the form of a simple, easy-to-follow the roadmap. This is paramount when it comes to expanding the user base and gathering potential customers. 

Unlike traditional marketing solutions, Ojamu gathers their data through millions of unique data points. This is much more superior than relying on humans for devising marketing strategies. Human beings do not have access to such a huge quantity of data at any given moment nor do they have the ability to analyse so much data for developing strategies. Moreover there is also a matter of delay which can be entirely avoided if this method is applied.


The practical use cases for blockchain are somewhat limited even today. Ojamu is setting an example by merging blockchain with MarTech and helping create an entirely new real use case of blockchain by tapping into a potential area as this one.

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